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Construye tus sueños o alguien más te contratará para construir los suyos.-Farrah Gray.
Instagram photo by Farrah Gray • Oct 24, 2016 at 4:45am UTC https://t.co/nGykjZ7EiE
Ok obv @AmberLPortwood could take Farrah anyday 😂❤️ https://t.co/berQFliNGu
RT @Perezgirl_98: @AmberLPortwood sending positive vibes to you. Farrah and Simon are trash and will always be trash.
@AmberLPortwood @SimonSaran we all know he's a lowlife and he's hired help by Farrah. No one cares about any crap he has to say.
Scotland: Missing mum and stabbing witness Farrah Fadli splits from fugitive pair https://t.co/A4josuWkbn #scotland
@SimonSaran you are the biggest cocksucker and complete waste of skin.. u and that fake as fuck Farrah Abraham. Both nasty human beings ever
I tell Farrah there's a new chore chart and she bursts into dramatic crying 🙄
@SimonSaran @AmberLPortwood @tmon3yy @MaciBookoutMTV @CatelynnLowell if you can fuck Farrah you weren't loved enough as a child #TeenMomOG 😂
@AmberLPortwood See? This is what a classy woman looks like. Farrah looks like a 53 year old plastic clown woman.
I thank Allah for the nap that I am going to have in a few minutes. Class at 4 so, yeah.
Teen Mom OG Trip: Why Did Farrah Invite Simon To Hawaii?
Now that Carl's going to live can we get him a haircut please? The Farrah Fawcett look isn't working for him. #walkingdeadpremiere
Comfort is thepenemy of achieveyent. -Farrah Gray
"Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs." ―Farrah Gray #quote #dream
Uggggh Farrah, why the fuck are you always such a bitch??! Like you're always effin PMS'n. Get over yourself already. #teenmomOG
I voted for Clarisse, Sen, Farrah, and Athena! #グラブル人気投票
@frankiestylze @F1abraham this is what I get for defending u Farrah.. may be out of order... https://t.co/3Sd8QA1kR0
@tree_joan @F1abraham it doesn't surprise me Michael is a low life just like Farrah. They're all trash and @AmberLPortwood is class.
RT @mathicious: "I saw u tweetin some depressing stuff.. are you okay?" Me: https://t.co/xR32tWFEhS
@tree_joan @F1abraham Farrah is a porn star and @SimonSaran is a gigolo. She has money because she showed her pussy to the world. Classy.