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@Nigel_Farage @LBC Oh dam I missed it. Did you broadcast in English or your native reptilian tongue? You intergalactic immigrant.
RT @JOEHOFFPAUIR: Nigel Farage: The European Union is in big trouble https://t.co/FN7Teld9uz via @YouTube
RT @NicholasBatty: Nigel Farage caught out on live radio by caller's clever trick question. | https://t.co/a8lr3S8jy4
RT @aronftaylor: Who said Brexit meant leaving the Single Market? CAMERON, OSBORNE, CLEGG, BORIS, GOVE, FARAGE, LEADSOM, STRONGER IN, VOTE LEAVE & LEAVE.EU.
@Nigel_Farage ...at the ballot box, of course.
RT @DavidRobson20: Farage resplendent in his new tin flute #indyref2 https://t.co/I1lavtJqtH
RT @dtaylor5633: The only question left for Scots is "Do you want to be ruled by a WM gov pandering to the ideals of Farage, or let Scots control Scotland?"
@mapduliand @W7VOA @CIA anything on trump? Or Theresa May? You must have something on Farage...
@Nigel_Farage just hope that she doesn't get blocked by parliament after all her hard negotiations with the unelected European union !!!!!
RT @Spev10: @LBC Nigel Farage is running the country by remote control Just listen to May's speech today. All his phrases. Fantastic.
@caroline_binnie @MUSESFAN2 Now I'm miffed I didn't go for the indie Nigel Farage.
@Nigel_Farage nor me. She must be going doo lally with the pressure.
Dear @Nigel_Farage, Bozo, IDS, Mogg, Redwood, etc. When calamity of #Brexit hits home, we're going to have your … https://t.co/ZSNEoSH4Nf
https://t.co/3jYtQ8iWav L'unico gruppo che consentiva di unirsi anche avendo idee diverse era quello di farage.
@UKuncut @jeremycorbyn The only thing Jezza's nailed us to is a Brexit supporter's crucifix alongside May and Farage...
Theresa May and Nigel Farage in Brexit Horror Parody - Newzoids #Brexit en https://t.co/W3DUBLTzc0
RT @Isaiahuba: https://t.co/5WuLfu9RT8 many feared dead. As #Nigeria remainnath expired drugs that kills anyone taken it. #QeenElizabeth @Nigel_Farage #USA
RT @HillyFoz: "Nigel Farage looks like the type of man who puts driving gloves on before he masturbates" - Stewart Lee
It’s a big accusation to aim at Nigel Farage https://t.co/IXAOiSaocg
@Nigel_Farage Brexit = Now what? No deals. No clue.Crumbling economy.No manifesto. No direction.No strategy.Absolutely lost. Right wing crap