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I guess I'm just glad we have a God who puts up with my cuss. I also wish Fantastic Mr Fox was everyone's favourite movie.
@alexrs494 Why stop now,The Big Lebowski,The royal teneunbams,Southpaw,Fantastic Mr. Fox,Begin again,Celeste and Jesse forever,Trainspotting
Fantastic Mr. Foxes… the movie? ##ChrisHemsworth...
@psychedelion fantastic mr. fox, dirty dancing, summer wars and now avatar lol
RT @shanewag1: Do you think Wes Anderson has the set pieces for Fantastic Mr. Fox lying around his house?
fantastic mr. fox is definitely one of the greatest movies ever created.
This wifi is jenk! All I WANT to do is watch Fantastic Mr Fox and it keeps buffering! LMK who hurt u Cabrini!
@sammynickalls FANTASTIC MR. FOX THOUGH. George Clooney 😍
RT @SebastopolElem1: The SCSD is blazing a trail with reading! Join us at our storytelling booth featuring The Fantastic Mr. Fox!…
If I ever completely lose it and go insane, maybe I can be like Bean from The Fantastic Mr. Fox.