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RT @seobgirl: I hope Apink and fans will have a great night together in Hong Kong tonight~~~
RT @TrackingSM: 📸 | Shawn with fans backstage at #RockInRio (9/16) #2 (Via @ShawnMendesBRA)
RT @miuirom: #MIUI fans, can you guess which Xiaomi phone it is in the picture by its camera? Reply to win Redmi Note 4X!…
RT @gokhantherebel: Thnx @ufc @UFCEurope for the amazing event. I saw @danawhite was amused, more to come 🙏Thnx for the fight Da Silva.…
RT @ootamind: fans:' ...yeah, thats right' YJ: LMAO 😂😂😂 'Usually in this kind of situations shpuldnt fans say that its not true? ur too honest' 😂😂😂
To all West Ham fans .. please retweet this to make it happen today 💙❤️ @yatesy_91
Me: who am i to judge the triggered f1 fans Also me:
RT @nRadioApp: Tune in @nRadioApp @Spiderwebradio Get nRadio: @bsc_fans #music…
RT @ManUtdReport_: Manchester United fans run the world 🔴
bts came out in all black suits for tmr. jimin jokingly said they were going to perform coffee and all of them sang…
RT @Nichttweeterin: nur wegen der Vollständigkeit nochmal für #FCN fans und sympathisanten HOLT DEN DERBYSIEG FÜR UNS
RT @london_girl93: Harry: "Quando corro fuori strada" Fans: "Tu portami a casa" LA TENEREZZA DI QUESTO MOMENTO
@whispersgrande @escher100_elisa @AwqxsdcKind @moonlightmango @ArianatorAmazex Not true. Now the whole world knows…
RT @KidnapDolan: international fans need a whole month of the year dedicated to them. - RT IF U AGREE
hate this kind of fans thinking that their faves is the ONLY ONE who exist in kpop industry yall literally trash
Hendon Mad Dogs brawling Cardiff fans in the town haha
@TheAdanne lmaoo it just banter relax . Your fans do the most also when the tables are turned.
RT @LiamPayne: #GetLow video with @Zedd out now! Thanks to all the fans that got involved 
@gazdufc Oh yes defeat today and think fans will start to stay away we need 3pt and a decent performance
RT @theawayfans: Swindon Town fans in fancy dress last night at Forest Green, who only sell vegan food at their ground. 😂
@bskery_ Maalesef.Alina bu oyunculuk güzellikle daha güzel işlere layik.Neyse .. belkide önyargıllyız dizi tahmin…
RT @kyeoptuan: @GOT7Official brokE FANS ARE CRYING
RT @Te_dominare: Free 💞 @Twin_tits @osquieroatodas @lu__xi @chatcammers @chat_cam_es @_showcams…
RT @KISS107: Just 6 Amazing GIFs of Jared Leto, Those Sparkly Pants and Yes, Those Fans