Fan do PB

@em_dunc I'm not usually a big fan either, but I do love bia bars PB fudge
@VaunWilmott your welcome. I've been a fan since it 1st aired in 2005. can't wait for the new season! Thanks for all you do for the PB fans!
@PrisneylandPB do you think you have more faith now your a PB fan 😉
@anjeLLie_ka the pb is a consolation👍 as for the missing dvd n fan, i hope she makes up for it tbh 👉👈 ... but hello, do you hear me 🙉🙊🙈 😂😂😂
RT @bblovery_TempG: What did he do with fan? ยังสงสัยว่าเข้าไปทำอะไรแฟนคลับคนนั้น🤔⁉ #TOP
Do u like bmth pb — Not really a fan but i do listen to the that's the ...
#psychobabble "you know the fan accounts they have for us?" "Or do you mean the (PB)" (Me)*laughs* @PointlessBlog @tyleroakley @koreykuhl
Aiming for a new PB tonight. How long do I need to sit in front of the fan on level 3 before my Gooch stops sweating?
@waglenikhil Do you think a Kejri fan can dare to ask him to do for Delhi Govt. He would be kicked like YoYa and PB!!
@MrChuckD as a long time fan. What do u say u get into this?
@elleserva @massamtraining What? Do you want a care package? Sorry, not a pb fan. #notsorry #cookietease
@findinganeish I can't get into nutella. Everyone says I'm crazy, but I'm a hug PB fan and nutella doesn't do it for me #foodtravelchat