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RT @cokeheadhood: i dont like buying myself stuff ❤️ i just ordered my prom dress and a couple hoodies for myself, i wanna give back… https://t.co/cAdsr2yjod
RT @God_Son80: 😂😂 @NdamukongSuh Congratulations Fam.. That’s 2 back to back SB Appearances by my former teammates... @JayTrain 🙏🏾💎💎💎
RT @KaoRhysOfficial: Engage here fam Kilig KaoRhys super ganda at gwapo talaga nila 💙😍 https://t.co/b8DG51IB6X https://t.co/yjmqI4yTA0
Missing my girl and my Jersey Fam extra today🤞🏾❤️
RT @_Caseeeyx3: Hey guys we are still on the search for this asshole... We will get justice for my grandpa‼️ Fernandez fam ain’t do… https://t.co/nIIwLdaXpn
@sana_kirioka 最近、先生のファンになりました。これはどういったものなんでしょうか?詳しく知りたいです
RT @Lyricul_Miracle: Blogger, promoter, customizer, basketballer @talk2Akplug you go make this money my gee🙌🙌 Big up yourself fam💯💯
@DaRealSinbad Fam, feds buss down man's door to search his crib, I'd hate that. Someone on Twitter clearly saw his… https://t.co/LbofTU2M4W
RT @TYELLEYT: @iamAjBurriz keep your head high fam 🙏🏽❤️
RT @NWOMondo: Start with accounting for that Hurricane Harvey money fam https://t.co/LdteDPNl6B
RT @VminMyForever95: Hi guys 😍 i have a RT deals again a real one now with @VastMerch 😊 I have 35 days please help me again for this 💜 I… https://t.co/VWi5CVb02O
RT @thekashope: Twitter fam please help me get some recognition for my work ❤️ https://t.co/rDqrW85RXJ
RT @naoimhniv9: Came home to surprise my fam and my das reaction will forever be my favourite thing https://t.co/xdyBr1Bkxm
RT @LilyPichu: maybe unpopular opinion but I dislike this trend of calling any guurrlll gamer an e-girl, generalizing them and mos… https://t.co/NAIENUlhLf
Fam You haven't lived until you've had Trader Joe's Pancake Bread. Trust me on this, you KNOW I wouldn't steer y… https://t.co/z4o4FYr01p
No buc fam outside of London is excited about this lol https://t.co/lwXZ9fx3ix
need a consistent gym partner fam
RT @denkimouse: THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING TEN BANANA ON ICE COMICS!!!!!!!!!! to celebrate... here are the upcoming BANANA ON ICE CH… https://t.co/hIYIGfv4vX
RT @thekashope: Twitter fam please help me get some recognition for my work ❤️ https://t.co/rDqrW85RXJ
@AyannaPressley @BrownlieChiro I’m glad you qualify it w/the term “white supremacy” bc I think most of us white fol… https://t.co/Dk9chkaKY1
RT @antipelakorr: Jadi gue punya tumor di payudara kanan dan kiri Ada yg tumor fam (fibroadenoma mammae) dan fcd (fibrocystic disease… https://t.co/U51jq55I4p