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RT @rolandsmartin: Fam! #RolandMartinUnfiltered is LIVE from Memphis at 6 pm EST, Site of the National Civil Rights Museum @NCRMuseum’… https://t.co/9MYC79PKjQ
RT @__rubyyy_: family drama 🤠 (also my parents made me get whatsapp for the fam group chat don’t judge me) https://t.co/IBmTXdBLFv
RT @bankingonkismet: Because almost one year na naman. 😁 You're welcome, fam. MaiChard's Meant to Beh cameo 🎥 #ALDUB170thWeeksary https://t.co/IZv6HsAzFr
RT @mildlyGreasy: We’re getting old Fam 😭😭😭.... 1980 - 38 1981 - 37 1982 - 36 1983 - 35 1984 - 34 1985 - 33 1986 - 32 1987 - 31 1988… https://t.co/Pptykq5Jsc
RT @Currtis25Harr: I can pretty much see myself in these nine as 5 through 8 . Nothing but love horror fam. @MirandaRuns5K @tmudder4 d… https://t.co/Ivo7miMDet
RT @SarahObscura_: Here's this week's schedule FAM! Gonna try #spiritanimalsurvival by @SpiritAnimal6 and I will have GAME KEYS TO GIV… https://t.co/WlteZy0VvD
RT @liamxauxgod: and for the aubreys angels saying “ya but commercial rappers dont go that far”, remember that gucci told jeezy to d… https://t.co/8CxqqgYkYt
RT @whojustintaylor: Fam, Holiness is still right.
Someone tell drake and his stand they're isn't any rules in hip hop this dude buggin yeah stay with the Pop culture… https://t.co/Dk5ppDQUlu
RT @DothyRampadoras: FirstLove Successfully BlockScreening..,Thank sa pag invite..,at sa mga Dumalo..!!! Mamaya uli..Sa DolphyTheater ..… https://t.co/s6f86Jm41A
Stream will be starting around 630pm est tonight fam!
RT @jalenalexia: Hey twitter fam ❤️ help a girl get noticed 💫 RT & Like 😘 https://t.co/PXiKkGm5XZ
RT @xai_cejes: omg fam!! please help!! i need 3499 tweets for this... help meee!!! @whydontwemusic @corbynbesson @SeaveyDaniel… https://t.co/K4gtiZXimS
RT @lesliegrace: I feel so honored to be part of the Deezer Next 2018 campaign! Ecstatic about what’s to come! Thanks @Deezer… https://t.co/eX4aRdDu3l
😭😂😂😂😂 I said it but not to look her but I truly believe mi love woman so much im bother st8 and lesbian. Fam 😂😂😂😂 d… https://t.co/dKG7l2ZBFL
Can’t wait to see my MA1 fam tonight...this like a secret society
RT @YouHadOneJ0B: Mom: What do you want to dress as for Halloween? Kid: A baked potato. Mom: I got you fam. https://t.co/hFjWjHlTHe
RT @BlackVotersMtr: We’d love the support @TThompson360, but we know our indigenous fam over in ND need some love too! @mjs_DC https://t.co/ePh9KuxQL7