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Failure is not falling down, it's refusing to g t up and oove on. - DorothyL
like the London bridge is falling down
RT @BMRisingTV: Morning blues. Just a quick reminder for those who think the sky is falling down 👌 https://t.co/5qLelkCngN
I'm in a hotel in Marlow full of excited kids going to Legoland. The noise is at "falling down" levels already.
Do you think about your dream When you are falling down - Middle Of Nowhere / ELLEGARDEN
"Failure isn't about falling down - it's about remaining where you have fallen" We have all failed https://t.co/TZctLzZnYy
@ICC @ABdeVilliers17 @faf1307 @QuinnyDeKock69 remember Faf falling down after every hit 😅😅😑
RT @HollowManSeries: #1Bestseller LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN - Available now, #SupportIndieAuthors https://t.co/nmBp5t16x0 https://t.co/kNm2TQhmcb
U enter a grocery store w/ a baseball bat in ur hand. Asking about the price. And *Punch! Like Michael Douglas did… https://t.co/rvjZFVTWUe
@Soare_Spiritof tears from falling down her cheeks but they ignored her will and continued to pour, making her grip at the pillow under --
@Bungalow11433 endast via hdmi. Ska testa drivrutinerna annars blir det falling down mode.
Jag fick nästan ett Falling down-moment igår på jobbet. Trött och lite stressad, jobbade över pga rörigt. Vikarier.
RT @haze022113: We we're together for so long I haven't noticed that we're falling down too fast RITAGAVIOLA PBBZomba
I just woke up everyone in my house by falling down the stairs and screaming "FUCK" the whole way down. Only live 💯 guys.
Before you point the finger of accusation, look closely at yourself, did you do enough to stop your world from falling down.
RT @BOMBAssLonyee: real tears are falling down my face right now, i'm so pissed at myself.
I have burns on my ass from sliding/falling down the sides of cliffs in the fucking jungle it hurts to sit down fuck this
RT @Thats_The_Word: A #righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring. Proverbs 25:26 #Wisdom
RT @dp2_diskunion: 本日入荷!WEST TOKYO HARD HITTER! "FALLING DOWN" 17年振りの新作をリリース! https://t.co/yttQn8t7Jy https://t.co/HBLts2DoJc
RT @cflrecords: 10/26発売‼️ FALLING DOWN 1st mini album ”BELIEVE”CD NY HCファンは勿論、全HC PUNKファンにも聴いてもらいたいです。 彼らの対バンからも分かると思います! https://t.co/GHyqE8xGAA
RT @TOSSANKILL: 【再び拡散希望】FALLING DOWNのPV公開 17年ぶりの新音源、BELIEVE10/26に発売 https://t.co/Xj6i8MmHd3
homer falling down springfield gorge is my spirit animal
NowOnOTDRadio https://t.co/Lm2A1jBfFv GlassBullet @GlassBullet - Falling Down -Pls Buy A Song