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RT @jchr5667: Sweden being raped, Greece again bankrupt, Euro crisis, Muslim atrocities & terrorism, but what makes BBC & C4 headlines? Fallen trees!
"A única maneira de sobreviver à eternidade é poder apreciar cada momento" - Fallen
'Zombies Have Fallen' made it to the Annandale Observer Newspaper! https://t.co/1bBeroLI3f @AmazonVideo @AmazonUKhttps://t.co/5U7LmmK5LA
RT @nicoljanejo: Να παρακολουθείτε κρυφά το προφίλ γιατί έχει πολύ ενδιαφέρον..Το ξέρω ότι θέλετε να μαθαίνετε νέα μου ,για σας τα γράφω! Εγώ τα ξέρω 😇
RT @BridgettTurro: RT if your dad has fallen asleep at a concert Fav if that's only my dad
RT @sgk69: @Grein_Murray His Fallen Angel Series Book 1 & 2 Out Now - Book 3 Coming Soon #amazon - author page -… https://t.co/nOhin8uWSk
@Ov_Lucio_Bot 엄살피우지 마. 죽지 않았잖아~? (산소용액이 빠진 촉수에선 끈적하고 미끌거리는 점액이 분비된다. 촉수 한가닥을 슥 잡자 자신의 팔을 부드럽게 휘감아오른다) 흠흠~ 귀엽지 않나? 내가 예전에 괴물일때를 본따만들었다는군.
RT @RAM_PA_Group: @Grein_Murray His Fallen Angel Series Book 1 & 2 Out Now - Book 3 Coming Soon #amazon - author page -… https://t.co/nP7CZiNVnK
FAREWELL to the FalleN!!! We SaLutE YOU!!! https://t.co/vnwVKVje6K
RT @SBSRunningManKR: Song Ji Hyo had accidentally fallen after performing Cheer Up 😢 Get well soon Mong Ji 💕 https://t.co/AGbgALzJqL
RT @gauravcsawant: Army pays tribute to the fallen soldiers in J&K. Real tribute will be to neutralise terrorists & destroy safe envir… https://t.co/es8yB69FrS
@happy_word109 そうだね!( *˙ω˙*)و グッ!✨ どやぁ( *¯ ¯*)✧*. き、気のせいね、おけおけ(A;´・ω・) えええ(A;´・ω・)アセアセ 俺リアルでもたまにする…← そうだったのか!可愛いな笑笑 俺タフだから✨ちょっとくらい平気✨
RT @SanwalSana: "Fallen tree everyone wood."
RT @VICE: People tell us the most embarrassing scams they've fallen for: https://t.co/C1sDlNnyn5 https://t.co/XXe1nhOfBJ
#OUR_ERTH I dont like people who have never fallen or stumbled. #testing https://t.co/gJMHc1aiU2
@Fallen_Darklord Je crois que Capcom a eu un prix de gros sur les gros plans de persos qui prennent des têtes de psychopathes.
RT @NLEOMF: RIP Police Officer Lucas Chellew, California Highway Patrol https://t.co/78AMFJeKPF https://t.co/cLNktTpVdU
Oceti Sakowin/Oyate Camp has fallen. Once again this sovereign treaty land has been overrun and… https://t.co/2mj3wC0lum
RT @kevvro_: nunca falles aunque te fallen
RT @carlosdrgz: No te rindas. Aunque te fallen cien veces, vuelve a querer. Y que esta vez sea un amor más sincero. Entregar está bien, siempre.
RT @HQ_gg_: 오이이와 급암 회지 판매합니다! 노란 동그라미 남아있고 덤으로 무료배포본 회지들도 드려요!:)운미포 1.9고 4권 다 구매시 운포 2.0에 드립니다! https://t.co/ZNa90ywf9n