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RT @kirik: 「残業代をまともに払うと会社が潰れかねない。いまの日本社会の風潮はおかしい」とか言ってる経営者がとっても多くて微妙なんですけど、お前らの会社が潰れたほうが日本社会のためになるんじゃないかと思うものの本人の前では言わないでSNSで書きます。
How the mighty have fallen - South Korea seeks arrest of ex-president Park Geun-hye https://t.co/mli8P7Qgyg
RT @EllieWallss: El que acostumbra a perdonar acostumbra a que le fallen.
RT @RealTimeWWII: The last V2 rocket has fallen on Britain: Ivy Millichamp has been killed in her house in Orpington, southeast Londo… https://t.co/JwdN73MtSg
RT @girlposts: when you're having a mental breakdown and start crying but you still manage to laugh at memes on twitter at the sam… https://t.co/eYIGh3FoqJ
A Team Valor gym has fallen! It is now controlled by Instinct. https://t.co/d0MDsCdXow
A Team Valor gym has fallen! It is now controlled by Mystic. https://t.co/HwvsSDluAW
@singing_fallen ありがとうございます!
@ArmyofKek Rip another valent brother has fallen STOP CENSORING KEKISATNIS REEEEEEEEEEEE 🐸😪 #freekekistan
RT @phReakCS: @FalleNCS FalleN only plays with FalleN because FalleN loves FalleN https://t.co/FlvRS2K64G
Seems I've fallen hard for you @CTGrcy https://t.co/g2LXg8ONyi
@Success87473781 Half the UK is fallen, Sweeden is fallen, Brussels has fallen, Greece has fallen, Germany has fallen
RT @teamconnect11: Saw this photo and the first thing that i noticed is the lady beside Kemen and how low the mighty has fallen https://t.co/YzyfsfGRMH
Μου άρεσε ένα βίντεο @YouTube https://t.co/BBWlk5dvBs FALLEN ARISE - My Last Breath, live in Uden (NL) 28-1-2017
RT @headcarschels: rt if ur gay, u like lasagna, or if you've ever fallen up the stairs.
RT @aVeryRichBitch_: LMFAOOO, this can't be the Nicki that was asking Remy to make a hit record. How the mighty have fallen...literally. https://t.co/JG0OVpJeEP
smoke a blunt for the fallen shorty https://t.co/78twFi9Ln4
RT @kimtopher22: Why are noises amplified a million times when you're trying to be quiet? A fallen Q-tip sounded like an anvil dropped from the 20th floor.
RT @ShastaTrinityNF: Fitness park dedicated to Forest Service fallen smokejumper Luke Sheehy will be opened to the public April 1 @BLMca… https://t.co/EPHppItUa9
RT @madison_nanney: literally everyone at ICC just witnessed the most hail that has ever fallen from the sky in Mississippi
RT @flagguy3063: Our Fallen Warrior's KIA 3/27 #V4P27-1453. @SEALofHonor @thro_e @RoyalTXGirl @missingdelta @BunkerGear_Gal… https://t.co/jEsTZJByaV
RT @eazyed47: I'm not sleeping tonight, not until I'm 100% sure #Zuma has fallen asleep. He can just decide to reshuffle cabinet at like 11pm..😏 #Gordhan
Vos lo olvidaras con el tiempo, el te recordara cada vez que le fallen