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RT @Jessie__Fisher: When on a date Whoever wins 3/5 games of Rock Paper Scissors pays the the bill. The other person leaves the tip. Only fair way to do it
Anu ba yan kuya PBBabscbn sila lang ba ang Hms sa loob ng Bahay paano nman ung ibang hms. Maging fair naman kayo. 😤😤
RT @allabout3dblog: Awesome #3dprint quality on #BCN3DSigma to test optimised settings before carnival fair competitions. ;-) Amazing d… https://t.co/gOMpW0okIO
@murr53429714 but how do we know your team is playing a fair game when they've been caught cheating?
Politics aside, it's a fair question.. https://t.co/tsioWHIIx5
@Cn1Mir to be fair he's the only one on the Steelers to show up today like Eli against Packers
RT @KyaUkhaadLega: Fair point. The media in US is free while most of ours is paid. https://t.co/ja3QazgvD5
RT @TurnLeft2016: i feel sorry for QLD, there seems to be some strange anomaly in our political system that they only get one senator, PHON, dont seem fair
Karma Cola made from organic cane sugar and real Cola nut,a Fair Trade product.@coffeecandidate this one at Rafter… https://t.co/CTWDbYtRDW
@BHHooker @WorldRugby7s it is late to be fair and I had to confirm with the calculator
Fair? Sure. Your best? I suspect not. https://t.co/aZ0nGlmE80
@neatobendito86 why recall him then? He came back in the hope that he'd get his fair share of 1st team gametime, and here he is on the bench
#LetterToPM Sir Its high time you show your good statesmanship by giving a fair approach to Bapuji 's case. https://t.co/BrM26vPcrh
I ain't even rey lie the patriots beat us fair and square bruh no cheating we just played terrible.... oh well #RiseUp 🤘🏾
@m_caraballo53 but Green Bay half the team was hurt that's not fair to say
"Oh well, it looks like I'm the winner, beat you fair square."
RT @JohnWDean: Vanity Fair puts the lie to Spicer's first press briefing. His credibility is gone, he's "inoperative," so to speak. https://t.co/JNPKgfB8TE
Don't make me pull screen shots bruh I asked you for my fair one but you said no am I right?? https://t.co/dWqA2LKBbO
@BluzziMC de fair dons si t ban d un serv a cause d un rageux c meme a cause de lui que j arret mcpe @Sly_Atmos987 Fils de pute des tes mort
No fair i have to get up in the morning but i don't want to miss this 👀👀 https://t.co/RK0WccnD7c
RT @Coral: Fair play to Rod Stewart doing the Scottish Cup Draw after necking 15 pints beforehand. https://t.co/dyH17Tn09c
Life just isn't fair for Kyle nor myself. Nothing ever works out
@KDFranck come one bro you tripping now. The fumble was hard to call but beside that it has been call fair. How many times Edelman got hit?
RT @SteelersKillerB: 😢Whatta heartbreaking & shitty way to end the season. Bell goes out, only score 9, & get crushed Fair play to Brady he whooped our ass.