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RT @adamhedelen: Proud of all the Lexington Science Fair winners, particularly Wade Edelen! #sciencerocks! https://t.co/VTUgVmpWCj
@CodyRJohnston @forestninja @Trump_Regrets @POTUS fair point and underlines why I replied in the first place. LBGT rights are human rights.
Well to be fair it's my defends mechanism.
BUT to be fair, this is a bad match-up for Andre.
@BenG412 A fair bit. Wisconsin is barely in the Top 25 RPI and could fall out of the top 40 with a few more losses.
RT @theblaze: @TomiLahren would like you to consider small ranchers & farmers that are struggling to keep their livelihood alive: https://t.co/BDREy3WGfT
RT @csmartin10: So proud of our 2nd grade math fair participants! They created amazing projects! #thebht @cpayne_bht @OByerly… https://t.co/Zufnnvfof5
RT @iIovedogs123: U kno when u get a whiff of something and ur like ah yes this smells exactly like the scholastic book fair of 2008 in the afternoon on octob
@zioxanna @og_jefry_jonson plenty of times people who win fair and square say "I didn't deserve it" or praise their peers
RT @UvuvwevwevOssas: Peminat ramen samyang boleh la pi beli dekat aeon mid valley. Ada korean food fair. Murah je rm22.90 . Promo 23/2/2… https://t.co/NHdwy9oFd0
@AP Don't worry Bruce.. Trumps a fair guy. I'm sure it's still ok for you to pee in the Ladies at Trump Tower since you are a "hero".
@shashanj60 I think there has to be a fair share even if it's small for everyone.
@TuckerCarlson @bmarcois @FoxNews Tonight's show is a Grand Slam!!! Thanks for the fair plain q and a!!!!!!
RT @DemocrataGV: @atletico, seja bem-vindo a Governador Valadares. O @DemocrataGV é fair play. https://t.co/vmQKb3C5oJ
@PeteSkerritt I present exhibit B. Though, to be fair, I have tasted neither, but the curiousity is staggering. https://t.co/fpxuXonN46
I think it's fair to exclude "Cut the Crap" from the canon, since it's not the original lineup and was sort of a half-cocked effort honestly
RT @DADSofSpokane: The 9th annual Engaging Fatherhood Conference and resource fair will be Friday, June 23 at Spokane Community College. #DadLife
@Neokitty69 no fair west coast got snow and co
RT @MaryWLWT: If you're looking for a job - check out the DHL Job Fair next weekend in Erlanger! https://t.co/FqaSVoebus
To be fair, we did win that game in that GIF https://t.co/zsarEJEJPo
RT @Rob0Sullivan: To be fair, I'd do the exact same thing to anyone who tried to make me exercise https://t.co/yTemoQJk3s
if anyones trynna buy me a funnel cake and take cute photobooth pics with me at the fair hmu
RT @TeamTAbbott: NOTE: It is @AustralianLabor's creation (Fair Work Australia) who have today slashed #penaltyrates, NOT @LiberalAus… https://t.co/t0S7cH2aAE
#TrocaDePasses Roger, qual fair play de Dudu? ética no meio esportivo, jogar de maneira que não prejudiquem o adver… https://t.co/04qIwZsXbc
RT @TrumpWWE_: I am in total DISBELIEF that WWE continues to push Roman Reigns! But, to be fair - WWE is ran by a bunch of uneducated idiots!