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#FaiR es InfinityField+DiamondRush+PlayWithoutLimits. Somos los putos amos #FaiR #FaiRPlay
RT @RussVet1: @BluegillRises USA should use Mexico Immigration.. fair for Mexico then fair for America> No to illegal invaders..… https://t.co/9hgJX9IeB7
49:615 We will, fair queen, up to the mountain's top, And mark the musical confusion Of hounds and echo in conjunction. #AMNDBots
RT @DrJillStein: Shutting down Michigan’s recount is disgraceful. We deserve an election system we can trust, that is fair, secure, and just! #Recount2016
RT @TRobinsonNewEra: Migrants see German women as ‘fair game’ to be raped, claims Syrian political scientist | https://t.co/jb6Zt0MLNw
東京 LEATHER FAIR、消費者側として見に行ったけどやっぱり企業側、取り扱う側として見たいなと思った。
RT @BellasNumptyx: @CherylOfficial but I wanted to collect new ammo? Hardly fair Cheryl Ann
Horse Dance At Pushkar Fair | The Pushkar Horse Dance Competition | Pushkar Mela https://t.co/KTIKv8FVoX
@peta Dude was just getting even with the kangaroo for trying to chokeslam his dog. Roo took it on the chin and the… https://t.co/CVsvUuLuqU
MEMBER'S FAIR✨ 本日も メンバーズ会員様限定(当日入会ok) 1BUY▷10%OFF 2BUY▷20%OFF の大変お得なフェア行っております💓 アウターや新作、デニムなども 対象ですよ☺️❣️ https://t.co/R4ahqftv6s
@timgeith Actually there is no law requiring me to be fair with my leaks nor am I not aloud to leak things. plus, no proof of anything there
RT @IndiaToday: Right-wing group Rashtriya Hindu Ekta Manch vandalised Jaipur Art Summit https://t.co/u68Eo8Q8eY https://t.co/jp6TuAtCUY
#Ireland #galway #vintage #Christmas When 8th of December was Christmas Fair Day in Ireland:pic Galway 1966… https://t.co/ExG5CZ95F0
@jamesjammcmahon Why is he horrendous? Not sure that's entirely fair?
RT @baba_huii: I think she's fixed winner it's not fair she swears and English all time but nothing done about this gesture https://t.co/tT539ozVSC
@found_objects I can understand why. Best of luck, I think ALL transit agencies should play fair & make their office staff use the transit.
@jilliankushner Cook is very good in the passing game too. I think it's fair who the award went to either way but t… https://t.co/UJWC1YAsst
【12/9(fri)〜NOVELTY FAIR🐻🎉🌟🌟】 30,000yen以上お買い上げの方に “リアルスウェードショルダーbag”をプレゼント🎁 数量限定品です!! ノベルティーなのにこんなに高品質なのはUngridだけ😊 https://t.co/iaQy16BpMz
That award for Steve Spurrier... not classy. Show him throwing his headset every play for the Gamecocks... not fair man #GoCocks
@GridironNow @MrCFB To be fair, a lot of us always wanted more than four teams. Four better than two, but not ideal yet.
@DizzyTypeBroad To be fair, I imagine sitting on it is the last thing you want to do.
my ex gf who looked like you said she "felt black" in her college town. dumbest thing i've ever heard. "vaguely non… https://t.co/YTNfYWG3zF
RT @FAIRImmigration: We congratulate @SenatorSessions for his nomination as Attorney General: https://t.co/pApNurnBbz #ConfirmSessions