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RT @LiamFlannigan1: Ohh so he’s brave but when I get my dick & balls out for a laugh I’ve apparently “ruined the funeral and an embarra… https://t.co/cugpQu8mQx
RT @menggalurks: • Online Registration: https://t.co/SGkR0IdPB5 • Site Registration: 📆Today 📍 McDonald’s Sta. Clara ©… https://t.co/NR0gIXlXCt
Wish I had friends who texted back but ya know
Note to all fair skinned/redhead people... Don’t go outside in the sun. Or wear a swimsuit without a swim shirt.… https://t.co/6xdvVPnLx0
@BobLancia I live in the southern part of our somewhat fair state. My question to you is WHY do you need an explora… https://t.co/7EkaxAVBQo
RT @maximo_galvan: @josh_Khalifa1 Take this down bro that’s not fair at all honestly
@morgfair At least Sanders left without making a fuss. A business can do what they like but they must be prepared f… https://t.co/Z51ViCtdXs
@le_Parisien Fair-play ? Il a voulu plonger mais il s'est rendu compte qu'il y a la VAR plutôt
RT @SethAbramson: 5/ Anything we do to others we should expect to be turned on us in time if we normalize it. Patrons who are pro-cho… https://t.co/N322W7imbt
RT @going_upstream: @MizNobis @GMA These boys are identifying as girls. Fine. Don't forget about biology. These are biological males.… https://t.co/Cm4Fe89hKw
@darkprincess331 Hahahaha fair. I’ll call you on the way in.
RT @FairLawn_GRTAP: Conversations with Joan Herrmann: No Dream Is Too High – Reach for the Stars https://t.co/MRcUzptmy3
I learned the hard way aint shit fair
RT @steven_loughran: no matter how positive i be, it’s always teared down by others with huge negativity. not fair.
@SweetNeptunee @Noble_Tweedy To be fair this was back in November. Hot takes didn’t stand the test of time tho
RT @BitchPuddingO_o: #PermitPatty is a prime example of how white people leverage the police not for law and order or safety, but to ter… https://t.co/uw0l5eD7m7
RT @peterdaou: So one man could eliminate world hunger and STILL have billions left over, while millions of children starve and la… https://t.co/YUUgYeHQxM
Someone walked up to me once to tell me I looked like Daenerys. I think he just meant to point out that I'm short… https://t.co/PlQ9K6jXZG
@PressSec @POTUS If a bakery can refuse to serve a gay couple, then a restaurant can refuse to serve the spawn of S… https://t.co/tG4s0mdc44
@Rhsywall I can offer you 10 bucks and a piece of candy seems fair
RT @sallymcmanus: We have a serious structural problem. Working people do not have the power they need to win fair pay rises. We will… https://t.co/PNnbq9PqOh
RT @JamesOKeefeIII: The media's malpractice is deliberate. They are aware that they don't give @realDonaldTrump or conservatives a fair… https://t.co/rhUgxkOS8y
@C9Goldenglue Kind of sad to see how you are getting treated. You are performing better than anyone could have exp… https://t.co/ucj98Opa4G