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RT @PDPNYF: 2019: Avoid Conflict By Conducts Free And Fair Polls, Northern Elders Warn Buhari https://t.co/wHo1ZFHvTj https://t.co/4zWrw8YbWM
@DTguardian @TheMagpieGroup_ Fair assessment of the situation at #nufc. Most fans simply just won’t believe it unti… https://t.co/GZrxentAef
RT @anthonyfjoshua: What took this fool so long? Like we ain’t been interested?!! 🙄Anyway well done Fury! they wanted to get you becaus… https://t.co/sIWsyEO6VI
RT @RVRcommunity: It’s the @RochValleyRadio Christmas fair today, taking place at the Broad Oak restaurant at Fairfield hospital, ple… https://t.co/NzWHD9oPCK
RT @RhysFR: It’s probably fair to say Fellrunners are generally a bit daft #rainwhatrain https://t.co/0Uin6wUPSn
RT @marui_kansai_a: 【PRINCE CAT-WINTER HOLIDAY-in 京都マルイ】12/9(日)19時の完売情報です。商品の再入荷は未定です。イベント詳細はこちら→https://t.co/m0c8uKGGVW #utapri https://t.co/meEMK9P6PV
RT @TheUSASingers: From the ashes of this chaos, a better, wiser America will be reborn. We will celebrate our diversity. We will en… https://t.co/rFiF5Sr55k
uwazam ze najbardziej nie fair rzeczą jest to ze tony nie zobaczy kapitana w brodzie i ze nie dadzą nam jakiegos żartu tony'ego o tym .
Happy Sunday! I did my last Christmas Fair yesterday and now that’s all done I’m looking forward to some Christmas… https://t.co/MVWLGw4mdZ
RT @realDonaldTrump: The idea of a European Military didn’t work out too well in W.W. I or 2. But the U.S. was there for you, and always… https://t.co/G9PYIJDR2b
RT @Detecti38904067: @CAPSLOCKHUSTLER Castor semenya is a born women but they put unusual restrictions on her. How is this fair
RT @TheKhabri69: LETS DO THIS! Whom do you see as #BB12 WINNER? Every week we'll test this. 7 days poll #BigPoll #YourPoll… https://t.co/KQYco1YUZb
@UROCKlive1 @LungMD01 In my opinion this stabs at the heart of the gop treason...and another reason why all politic… https://t.co/F3vxzNGK80
RT @ChamberOfComme7: The president of Somaliland is in the Somaliland International Trade Fair to officially the week long fair.… https://t.co/OliOptVwcZ
I’m so excited by today’s Catford Comic and Zine Fair @CCZF2017 that I’ve got here early. See you in Blythe Hill Ta… https://t.co/bQjbRDoMxv
RT @ChristinaCoomb6: @Peter_Fox59 Why are they not bound by the recommendation of the royal commission? If they say 200 k why isn’t it 2… https://t.co/ESwGvHD3QO
@SACNSNew @j_beer24 Actually when reading the essence of expropriation through legal eyes it means any property own… https://t.co/RFV7UC2hdH
@BallStriker_ Don't agree with everything but yeah fair enough.
RT @jakepaul: Ayeee @KSIOlajidebt you can come on my podcast if you want... I don’t have one but..😂 thought it’d be fair
@KaiHolloway fair comment and I wounld not be too surprised if it did pan out that way, sadly.
@Nct_Fair ทุกวันนี้ไม่เดินกันนะคะ เค้าเหาะกัน พ่อเทพบุตรคนอะไรมีแสงออกจากทุกรูขุมขน แค่ยืนกันเฉยๆก็เหมือนกำลังถ่ายแ… https://t.co/AcFrVcPpUU
RT @rmolco: Pengamat: Erick Thohir Tidak Fair, Ma'ruf Bemper Jangan Dipaksa Jadi Mesin #KlikRMOL #jokowi https://t.co/2f7zHYjDWc
RT @badpostitans: "life isn't fair." "why not? why can't we make it fair?" give minka kelly all of the awards for this scene https://t.co/VjQktT8oOt