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RT @mutenkurasushi: 🌟くら寿司Twitter限定企画🌟 くら寿司公式(@mutenkurasushi)をフォロー&このツイートをリツイートで 『#すみっコぐらし』手乗りぬいぐるみ5個と、おでかけすみっコ(ハート)が抽選で10名様に当たるよ。 とっても… https://t.co/aOiV9lBM6p
RT @Vic_Rollison: This tripe is reason why news media is dying. Apparently Morrison lying about medevac bill is a good thing because… https://t.co/CMooJNVN96
RT @nctwayvs: A petition calling for Block B’s Lee Taeil to change his name out of respect to senior Moon Taeil has garnered over… https://t.co/zvZWLIiAMn
RT @TiaToldYouSo: I think it’s fair to say I should never drink again https://t.co/ItMx7oDxuf
@peppertux @MorningEdition That’s fair. It’s definitely a conversation worth having. Can we as a nation provide… https://t.co/GOKEPilVVB
RT @GovAyoFayose: Under this govt of President Buhari that they said has integrity, Senatorial candidate of the APC printed electoral… https://t.co/bwsNhrBSbd
RT @SenSanders: If you paid the $119 annual fee to become an Amazon Prime member, you paid more to Amazon than it paid in taxes.… https://t.co/KdOTxcwv24
RT @soledadobrien: Think of all the people incarcerated right now on marijuana charges. And you wonder why so many people understand t… https://t.co/nXMjv3mtlN
Life: Sometimes, you WILL be uncomfortable. Sometimes, you will be upset. Get with the program. You are not a spe… https://t.co/Cn1L1u0azg
RT @Mtners4Progress: Local Action Alert! Our friends at Morgantown NOW Public Page will be at the WV State Capitol Wednesday, February… https://t.co/icmBJ1cQzg
@P_Hubbs @CharlesPulliam We want diversity because it’s moral, just, fair & the right thing to do. All ppl should b… https://t.co/TJyp0885cI
@Redpainter1 is she trying to look like Melania or Ivanka?
RT @m_a_r_i_a_0: Στα μικρά μικρά θα δεις αν ενδιαφέρεται .. στα μικρά μικρά θα δεις αν χέστηκε. Αυτό δεν λέγεται fair play;
RT @mutenkurasushi: 【フォロー&リツイートするだけ!】 ✨2月フェア開催記念! ✨ くら寿司公式twitterアカウントをフォロー& このツイートをRTするだけで、 総額10万円分、20名様に5,000円分のお食事券が当たるチャンス!🍣✨ ※地域によ… https://t.co/k54P9SBzeC
@SPBurr4 @TheAwayFansVids Fair play to them making a racket but why has that fella been on the roids to flex with a… https://t.co/xiLSnaLnIn
To be fair, if @RichardBurgon is in charge of justice, you really won't wanna be here. https://t.co/qoIkL6k07r
RT @Cuntosaur: If you die you’ve gone too far. Anything before is fair game. https://t.co/FZo1O4cjPg
@lissbullen Ohhhhhh yeah that’s fair then
RT @Barracuda_Bella: Fox Sunday shows are filled with the most pompous Dem “grillers” on staff with Chris Wallace leading the pack. Mil… https://t.co/O2Y5o5iW9Z
@batsflip @dumidrexel Yeah fair enough mate we’re all guilty of it
RT @BethLynch2020: I don't really feel obligated to fight fair.
@JacobAWohl Hey dummy! Do YOU have kids!? Have you ever read what ingredients are in EACH SEPERATE VACCINE? Pretty… https://t.co/B5esWmfa93
@lady_ruthven That’s my kind of art teacher. To be fair, I had a lot of pride, too much to be that competitive to be 100% honest with you