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Melissa did good for her first match but she caught a fair one from the creepy ass moth and his creepier sister #LuchaUnderground
RT @TrueFactsStated: To be fair, Trump does need to cut her medical care to fund his tax cuts. So there's that. https://t.co/nrpzWsj1DD
RT @smdombek: The Field House is filling up at @vianneygriffins College Fair. We are open until 7:30. #VianneyGuidance https://t.co/3zhOl7GSHR
RT @Leskevicius: NATO chief welcomes U.S. decision to increase its military presence in Europe, push for fair burden sharing… https://t.co/JfPQkDCT4e
@ellesep Seems fair
RT @DestinyArnold14: I am participating in the 2017 Rockdale Fair Pageant. Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for childeren let me know… https://t.co/zbZrfwAb9d
RT @sarahhungaski: ready to go to the fair already
RT @Lets_go_Yokado: \フォロー&リツイート/ ペットと一緒におうちで仮装パーティー!ペット用コスチューム各種⇒ https://t.co/vDAbFa51ER ★フォロー&RTでJCBギフトカード2,000円分を1名様にプレゼント★ 応募は9/… https://t.co/0U2OTpI44s
RT @surfermom77: Undeniable Media Bias Michelle Obama Named 'Best Dressed' By @VanityFair But Beautiful Melania Trump Left Off List… https://t.co/hC2gW7bree
RT @Zeebrungis: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely subtle, and withou… https://t.co/3vTvlB0bxy
RT @PittCareers: Thank you to all of our incredible students & employers who attended the Fall Career + Internship Fair today! Next… https://t.co/hTDzwgxoVt
https://t.co/gWFuKxjGI3 Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), BLONDES & more playing NY Art Book Fair at…… https://t.co/1c4oxD7iqp
RT @abc13houston: HELP WANTED: Houston Premium Outlets holding a job fair! RT to spread the word https://t.co/myBfMKgUKx https://t.co/MMQKmpAsS8
RT @changeworld2: @OrbitalEdge @NomDeVoyage1 @PaulCraigRobert @DykstraDame @RodStryker @RonPaulInstitut @donilo252525 @KhadaffiDuck… https://t.co/WSfZKJhOPg
Knowing bitches like me though, I'm taking the whole tray. Life ain't free or fair😂 https://t.co/5vor5ttKxu
RT @EMSISD: The State Fair of Texas has donated complimentary admission tickets to all EMS ISD students and employees for the 2… https://t.co/65YtSnnk3y
I want to go to the state fair! 😌
@KameronHurley Be fair. It's not JUST gut bugs. There's skin parasites, hair parasites, blood parasites...
RT @elichap822: WOOOO-HOO ~ #STLCards YADI MOLINA .... stays fair into the right corner ! 2 RBI double...... Cardinals 7 - Reds "Na… https://t.co/98iX8ZSZjj
RT @TrueFactsStated: To be fair, Trump does need to cut her medical care to fund his tax cuts. So there's that. https://t.co/nrpzWsj1DD
RT @EricEngels: Fair to say #habs haven't had a dynamic threat on the halfwall since Kovalev. Drouin has the poise, the play-making, the shot to be that guy
You are invited to the Centro Hispano fall health fair. We will have flu shots, health screenings, Halloween fun... https://t.co/TqSorrYYJq
RT @satherax: I took my son to the fair and he had fun https://t.co/Kk3mGjL1Qq