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RT @ArthurSamuelHu1: Well....only one of those are real, so it's not a fair comparison. 🤷🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/vBzBKJkGpb
@TeslaCharts @tslaqco To be fair, u couldn't trust one of them zerman dinosaurs with your payments, as they are abo… https://t.co/TpyYzJncMD
@eSoyBoy Im a part of the “alex” gang by default. Its actually Alexander but... yep. TO BE FAIR I CHOSE MY NAME BEFORE IT STARTED TRENDING
RT @archiveoscar: Star Wars: Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker - On Set Exclusive | Vanity Fair https://t.co/OZ0wAA4m1z
@realDonaldTrump You like Golfing and hiding your Records and they like fishing, sounds fair to me. Deal with it. 🎣🎣🎣🐟
RT @Complex: Former NFL player Chris Long says he regularly used Marijuana and got away with it. "I certainly enjoyed my fair s… https://t.co/3euuvCQuRk
@xdadevelopers It's your chance to build new app store @Huawei , the one which plays fair with developers and get… https://t.co/feJccxn2hg
@_okwako_ @THFCsoccer Fair statement. Drogba was my favorite growing up but aguero is a better goal scorer than dro… https://t.co/QTqvyLSI1H
It was a fair game word to sia but we didn’t make the shots we needed to n close out how we should’ve. Should’ve t… https://t.co/onpted6WHu
RT @aljehani0203: #مليونيه_هلاليه_علي_الفيفا٣ @FIFAcom_ar @FIFAcom What happened in the Saudi league of legal irregularities and mora… https://t.co/haZmFy4Wbf
RT @HowsOfUsMovie: TOXIC FILIPINO CULTURE: - Speaking english is the basis of intelligence - Drinking starbucks is the basis of being… https://t.co/Jp0Of5vsSn
@maxydeartino @PlainSite @mcm_ct $SHOP is a good company, but a P/S of 10 puts fair value at 100-140. Plus applying… https://t.co/sWaIaHZX8c
RT @AUTO3621: Demo nya pindah ke PRJ aja lah. Kalian jalan2 nikmati Jakarta Fair aja Jangan lupa mampir ke booth Aspira yah dan d… https://t.co/6R8I3b20Gg
RT @YayJesusMinis2: @Breaking911 It's a fair burger. Something of zero value you wave in front of somebody to distract them from someth… https://t.co/gAI0LrEYJI
@Manruss To be fair, no one gives Doug's work any kind of blow job
RT @Surgabidadari3: Kenapa saya selalu menyebut komunis PKI di balik kerusuhan, . Jelas yang haus darah umat islam adalah komunis di… https://t.co/ntS3cK73uC
@DamonMartin Excuses excuses excuses.... strategy, injury , weightcut... blame it on anything.. You lost, buddy, fa… https://t.co/KqumuN6CZT
RT @ljacktx: Play fair but ALWAYS be the smartest person playing the game. #RespectThePlayers
RT @Nero_IV: Since you guys really enjoyed my last video, I thought it would only be fair to give you guys the rest of yesterday… https://t.co/Xl5x3d9LDw
PRCk c’est ce que l’on appel le “Fair Play Financier” et FIFA interdit certaines choses par le biais de ce Fair pla… https://t.co/5MPDUmQkVc
RT @MarnieSpiegel: @MeetThePress @SenJohnKennedy I’m a social worker and I’ve had my fair share of clients who project their emotions… https://t.co/YZVngVvv9o
RT @nryzzzz: org yg pandai pstu lawa ni tk fair lah hmmm, mana aci aku ni bodoh pstu buruk mcm selipar laktu
RT @Mets: .@Pete_Alonso20’s record-breaking dinger went a long way. But how did the game-tying homer stay fair? The rookie sl… https://t.co/gP8ciGOUOS
RT @PHLEaglesNation: Chris Long says he “enjoyed his fair share” of marijuana throughout his career. He added “It is far less harmful t… https://t.co/lLPkEZkw7u