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wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not fair
A three point contest is fair, or you could throw the ones and see who gets it that way https://t.co/MPxao77zaE
State Fair with my favorite goofball 😍👯‍♀️🎡💞 https://t.co/ZrErGC3e7t
@Miduswell @TuckerCarlson Now Tucker knows how it feels for us when he ruins our dinner with his crappy comments! I… https://t.co/H44MFC6W7q
大丈夫大丈夫♪ 今日がダメでも明日はきっとうまくいくぞ♪
RT @MeSwati001: Bollywood: "Fair skinned people are superior to dark skinned people" Ajay Devgn: HOLD MY BEER & started ruling o… https://t.co/VDESDeqPGy
Why? Because as Latinas we’re used to being given the short end of the stick and having to fight for our fair share… https://t.co/3kKBMtK7ou
RT @heyanabananaa: The fair should extend to another week because of this rain
Oh fucking great. I have the career fair tomorrow and I can’t find my extra strength antiperspirant.
@GoNintendoTweet That would have been a fair strategy. But I like the aesthetic they went with. It really honors th… https://t.co/muO61S7JF2
RT @chrisdowning: No giant pretzels or funnel cake, a job fair is a shitty fair.
@FunnyManWalk Devin stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw the other student collide with the other cocky male. S… https://t.co/szDNRQ05Wz
@stoffmakers @tayke2 Fair. What SB futures you got? Im liking my rams 14/1 have a feeling i may get a sweat there lol
@thesuperrookie @joeleyba @regulardavid Hot take: he got a fair rap. But others that also deserved that rap were unscathed
@billshortenmp A Fair Go for all Australians means treat our refugee friends with compassion, means #CloseTheCampshttps://t.co/ZeljPOGptH
@flickerlarents netflix has bomb ass shows when youre out of the us. Mexico has teen wolf and others that i forgot haha. Its not fair:(
@anishapadhee @shilparathnam & then people are raising wanton issues like appointment of battery of lawyers.. what… https://t.co/44XDXZbRs9
"Ich glaube, Literatur kann immer dazu beitragen, einen Perspektivwechsel einzuleiten und dass man ... Verständnis… https://t.co/FWC7ys9SWv
RT @ScottMStedman: Vanity Fair: Michael Cohen has spent more that 50 hours with federal prosecutors https://t.co/qj7axtMgLT
@jessphoenix2018 To be fair, Presidents kill people all the time.
@TrianoNPC So fair. I wish they would it have used the color orange. It triggers me. The Orange man is bad.
@dezembrists honestly i never asked the final nerd but its fair to say they have the power over koschei's death and… https://t.co/DPryxyJUn8
@kaleigh_noel @realDonaldTrump A high school gym??? You must be high! Lol, it was at the Warren County fair grounds… https://t.co/mb0lQLpL6Q