Lots of things fail.

@MStrooo6 @aya11763 you fail remember what you said 2013
RT @Spirits_FS: Terfs are shitty people and fail to support all women
RT @Xoxo_LeeAnn: I don't need nobody 💯 that's what some of y'all fail to realize
RT @ShowersIdeas: People think we can make contact with aliens, but fail to realize we can’t even communicate with other species here on earth.
And find it really rewarding when their students who are expected to fail leave school with qualifications. I found this so touching.
I didn't fail as a Royal Guard because I didn't know the King's location. I failed because I knew where, and I didn't go there!
RT @ChaniThaHippie: If you play "Pussy Don't Fail Me Now" and apply coconut oil to your coochie you conjure a spell to get anything from your man you ask
RT @cleob4rr: can't wait to fail the maths prelim on friday
I liked a @YouTube video from @MissVyris Let's Fail At Paladins
And is there more wisdom. Of course there is. Fear enough to do that, and it fails, and all the little guards fail, and you sense it..
RT @christiantdavid: When you have a job you are totally dependent upon someone else being successful. If the business owner is unsuccessful, you fail with him.
RT @AriffAdlyyy: Dari mula diploma sampai la habis degree tak pernah lg terlanggar makwe sampai selerak fail pastu tlg kutip pastu berkenalan tang tu jugak.
RT @creepingsharia: Documentary on “ex-Muslims” brings out the intolerant Left at Portland State #sharia #edu #fail
I appreciate those people who have too much time on their hands... y'all never fail to amuse me
RT @DeFactoFaleci: Ver aos 14s o gajo(28) a tentar festejar e dar fail xD
RT @BobOngQuotes: It does not matter how many times you fail, all that matters is how many times that you succeed, don't feed your negativity.
RT @CelebsInHS: -history teacher -falls asleep in class -always talking politics -only dumbasses fail his class -refuses to retire
RT @Xoxo_LeeAnn: I don't need nobody 💯 that's what some of y'all fail to realize
RT @VoteHillary2016: Trump Suffers Two Big Defeats As His Efforts To Stop Michigan And Wisconsin Recounts Fail via @politicususa…
3 Simple Reasons Why People Fail with Online Marketing #MLM #BizTips #Blog
Epic fail trying to make that Christmas 🎄 ribbon. I'll try again tomorrow.
Odio ser bipolar. es la cosa mas genial del mundo. #FAIL