Lots of things fail.

@politico So many Trumpkins fail to recognize the best our country has to offer because they're busy slobbering over the worst. Sad!
RT @ciccioparini: Queens of the Stone Age - Feet Don't Fail Me (Audio) via @YouTube @canzonixvoi buongiorno
RT @redz215_: You only fail when you give up
RT @SineaPies: The #preschool class that refused to take on jobs => and what their teacher came up with! #kids……
RT @kpoplover727: EXO-Ls! Here is our Power for working very hard!! Our bbys never fail to give us strength 😍😍 We got the power💪~ po…
The problem of sin is that we honor what shouldn’t be honored, and fail to honor that which we should.
every october i fail at reaching my maximum gothness potential, sigh
I liked a @YouTube video Finish or Fail: 2017 Anime #4 [Light Side]
RT @TheOfficialPORP: @PalmerReport @realDonaldTrump You take healthcare away, fail to help your people in Puerto Rico, and are being inv…
RT @PandaAzza: Temuduga SPA; 1. Cara susun sijil dalam fail 2. Some tips! (Based on my personal experiences and friends’) Ini adalah bebenang.
@nukebelgium lipo doesn't shift ur belly button it's probably abdominoplasty and they made the belly button hole all retarded lmao fail
RT @AlfredWintle: @RedHotSquirrel @astro_trader Indoctrination via the MSM and certain MP’s and politicians have made them that way.…
RT @mistline: bts when y’all fail your classes bc you been voting for 10 hours a day and start struggling w your gpa and future
Im so upset i said i wouldnt fail this professor this year why is he so hard
RT @Sruthi_tweetx: Watching precap 25926714718th time!! Neil can never fail when it comes to sensing Avni 😍❤️ #Naamkarann
Hasilpur :Lack of millions of rupees mega water project corruption and poor water consumers fail to fail...
@Mark340 @mkraju @benshapiro Your guys' voodoo economics have been tried and proven 2 fail.We don't have time for y…
RT @GuardianHousing: The private sector has failed. Only councils can be trusted to build the homes we need I Rabina Khan
People just never fail to piss me the fuck off
College will and won't fail to show you who you really are as a person.
RT @CaeciliusEst: The remaining #Remainers genuinely do want Britain to fail so Juncker can rescue us
RT @HillbillySkill: @R_Chirgwin @johnnybridge2 Remember what happened to Turnbull's Multi Technology Mix NBN? Epic Fail. #auspol
Ate a pumpkin spice churro, Disney does not fail me