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@Derkngoogly2 That's right and little Lindsay went in Oreilly Factor giggling and trying to cover for Mental McCain
@MarketUrbanism Large, expensive cities in the US tend to have negative domestic migration. Cost of housing is a huge factor.
RT @IndivisibleTeam: That's still an underplayed factor of this bill, it really exacerbates geographical health disparities.
RT @YianniKourakis: .@FriarsHockey and @Harvard_Hockey clash in NCAAs Fri. Can PC stop Crimson & Dunk a factor? @MarkDondero reports https://t.co/jvnQ1YgjY0
RT @portableown: La alegría de las cosas pequeñas es todo cuanto tenemos para combatir lo trágico de la vida. ― Anaïs Nin https://t.co/p1TTycRof3
RT @bikiniluxe: Is it too early for 4th of July? https://t.co/dftBl7WBIp #4thofjuly #frankiesbikinis #stars #bikini… https://t.co/k1yJbbXPii
RT @07Sapphire: Ahhh di ako maka move on.. picture palang yun. di pa nagsisimula eh grabe na ang kilig factor. #JoRich #erichgonzales #arjoatayde
@charles_gaba @KatCapps Do they get off on playing with people's lives or does that even factor in their thinking?
@EclecticBlogs I get the fatigue factor. What I don't get is why they needed to play Talbot? This is a second game… https://t.co/LjM0AUjMfG
RT @J_hawk42: Coleby is the X factor on this team. Wish he had 10 fouls a game to give. He's a monster. #RockChalk
Sem depan hambik bnyak event konvo , x factor 😂😂 @HazirahAqilah kita kautla smua
RT @joserubenmexico: Destaca @LuisEMirandaN que la leche @Liconsa es factor fundamental en la nutrición de 6.5 millones de mexicanos https://t.co/49OS2fJIk7
RT @J_hawk42: Coleby is the X factor on this team. Wish he had 10 fouls a game to give. He's a monster. #RockChalk
@JustinCaffier @vanmetkj @Manimonoxide Computers do not have the human factor . It will never happen
@TheOldBoi @tedlieu @POTUS no 2 factor auth, no alert to breach, doubt they were saving security log on server/firewall due to poor security
RT @a_lopezleon: @soyfdelrincon #concluMARASGUATE los números alegres en baja de criminalidad, factor común para todos los gobiernos latinoamericanos
@echizen_tm Constant Return Factor (常に帰りたい)
@Narnian_Factor everyone's salty about how Playtonic isn't being tolerant of Jon's views & being intolerant of Playtonic's views
The O'reilly Factor 3/23/17 | Fox News March 23, 2017 https://t.co/X5MxXFBPv0 via @YouTube
@TuskCulture The wetlands could absolutely be a factor. Will think about this. Thank you.
RT @FoxNews: TONIGHT on "The O'Reilly Factor," @ericbolling goes one-on-one with @seanspicer - Tune in at 8p ET on Fox News Chan… https://t.co/5ZBzD8mmAI
RT @HectorFrancoJ: #Medellín No podemos ser tan simplistas, no es solo en un factor. Son muchos más, por eso #PicoYPlacaAmbiental solo… https://t.co/lglMZseUNr
Clothes are the most familiar factor to change our moods.(人の気分を変える物で身近なのが洋服だ。)【We are The Three Robbers】