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RT @BRYANTV3LEZ: 2015:Ganaron la banda 2016:Empezó su sueño, primer disco 2017:Latín grammy, el factor X 2018: Viña del mar, iHear… https://t.co/1wfi1BJAfM
RT @ShairaSelenaXS: Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/6uehQeC8yJ EL CAMBIO ASOMBROSO DE SALOMÉ VS SHAIRA FACTOR XS
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/rXoRwnITXA X Factor MOST EMBARRASSING Audition Ever..
RT @RNVinformativa: Daniel Ortega: La oposición se está convirtiendo en un factor de desestabilización https://t.co/nJbdG53V2Y https://t.co/2NRP6O6Ksj
Social Trust Factor: 10 Tips to Establish Trust and Credibility for Your Brand. @PamMktgNut covers everything from… https://t.co/AByaHu86d3
RT @KyleNeubeck: With an off day for the #Sixers, a playoff mailbag for your troubles! Answering a few questions about Fultz, Leonar… https://t.co/O5ny7ZmLFV
@163Briggs @mamoose2001 @PoliticalEmilia "On average." Distance is a major factor: if I shot at you from 30 feet,… https://t.co/pUUthTcjoH
«Երբ իշխանությունը լայնամասշտաբ ձերբակալությունների է անցնում, ուրեմն իրոք ծանր վիճակում է»․ քաղաքագետ https://t.co/H4hlCSlJby
Why don't @AskHalifaxBank use two factor authentication e.g. #FIDO2 or #U2F instead of multiple passwords and codes?
RT @peterme: This isn’t quite right. The designs will be easier to implement to the designers intent. They won’t be better. Bett… https://t.co/KkrXijs1rQ
NOW PLAYING: Track 04 - Rich The Factor (get the KCMIXTAPESRADIO app to listen) https://t.co/FLXt9fdnRh
RT @DjLots3: @kanyewest and @RealCandaceO are simply being attacked because Libs think their skin color dictates they be in the… https://t.co/G00XbGS7WH
@MrZMovies @3xluckyman @Chris_Hawkey @MeatSauce1 It’s all good. You just failed to factor in the power of… https://t.co/maaLQbqCBQ
@RealMGReyes The toddler factor a bit less so perhaps ... And it's not like I can take them on stage with me!
Jessie J goes make-up free after winning singing contest in China https://t.co/MH4ayKoHJA @DailyMailCeleb
RT @Cases101LY: Thanks for participating! The correct answer is Peptic Ulcer as most of you guys predicted. As we all know, NSAIDs… https://t.co/4D5z3tVe6K
RT @dbongino: The Comey memos were a big factor in the appointment of the Special Counsel. But, after reading the memos, I’m at a… https://t.co/sVfXoTk6CS
RT @prakashreddy461: Now, the political road is definitely going to be very narrow, lonely and bumpy for Pawan Kalyan, after direct atta… https://t.co/DKPaXpsBuo
@CanadianPM @csa_asc Please explain how oil pipelines factor into environmental protection. Don't forget to show your work.
#HappyBirthday Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian neurologist and Nobel Prize winner. Rita lived through WWII, discovere… https://t.co/NLIKhiY0Uu
Just How Random Are Two Factor Authentication Codes? https://t.co/6fvqDuIpGU
Immunological Memory Dependent Upon Single Transcription Factor https://t.co/FiJ6gODXF4 via @GENbio
RT @Wellbeing_Suff: New research shows why physical exercise is essential to #mentalhealth https://t.co/h21zVpWd5y… https://t.co/TwrgEmdZTv
@leonugo @jshm00 Pero los nueve puntos que perdió EPN de abril al día de la elección resultan un factor de análisis no despreciable