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Despite the cold temps, the wind chill is not a big factor this morning for most. Today: Sunshine & Dry. The nicest… https://t.co/Fb1mUXz9ou
RT @udewomigaku: puro kulit na si rhys kay kaori. malaking factor tlaga may 1 on 1 na usap sayang di pinakita ni kuya. at may hug.… https://t.co/1Da1IXjKkk
@BOBrien451 @EL4JC No. Labour is saying May's deal needs to be voted down first. Also... 2nd Ref is not automatic… https://t.co/TryxzmXtvI
@Comuniate_com Picas forever! El factor cronista forma parte de la estrategia. Además, el fútbol sin polémica no sería fútbol.
@KatyMontgomerie @AliannaFlynn Nope. Sorry 10 is the upper limit. Woodlice can do one... although they're low level… https://t.co/ONptQARoKs
RT @Engihumor: Going ahead with Vasundhara Raje even with heavy Anti incumbency factor against her ultimately led to BJP suffering… https://t.co/KiRgfRXCv7
RT @Irshad5676: #Thamizhisai comedy... Losing 3 ruling States in Hindi heartland 😂😂 Understood why Tamils always treated this lady… https://t.co/684aVmOUNp
Hololens 2 could give the Always Connected PC a new, ‘aggressive’ form https://t.co/AXcd0YNEsD
Nobody accepting but main factor of #MP & #Rajasthan fallout is draconian SC/ST act. @narendramodi @AmitShah #Results2018
#ERP is by no means new technology, but it is often a large factor in a #digitaltransformation project. For that re… https://t.co/3vZrfqiHkM
Unknown futures also can be the source of our fear. The best way to anticipate this critical factor of the future… https://t.co/fwxcoV8qg0
X Factor judge's house where One Direction performed among Rightmove's most viewed homes https://t.co/FySmXOpM5V #property #feedly
Its good to know that Congress thinks "anti incumbency" as a "Rahul Factor" which means one will get to see more of… https://t.co/G5NMwVUOLD
RT @everyisnow: การจะมาเป็นวงนี้ไม่ใช่เรื่องง่าย Girl of this month ไม่ได้มาเพราะปล่อยทีละคน แต่มันคือการซววในค่าย อย่างโหดสัส ไม่เ… https://t.co/xlywdvQ6xN
RT @bela_pal: #BEDTET2011बेरोजगार @myogiadityanath Once again Yogi factor failed. Mr CM list of failure is increasing. How can o… https://t.co/ag70Ib1p1r
@Nidhi @RahulGandhi @narendramodi Do not project this as a Victory for @RahulGandhi . @INCIndia has won in 3 seats… https://t.co/zuwJhmUPbe
@samanthamaiden Zero interest factor for me, I’m afraid.
Cuando la frustración invade mi tranquilidad, me pongo el video de mi audición en Factor X y se me pasa!!!...A vece… https://t.co/NOq4gBq2rI
Factor in the wind chill if you commute without a vehicle https://t.co/GSGAvjeG0z #ottnews #ottawa https://t.co/k6bp1XVTTi
RT @lovelydeans: I haven’t posted any Jared ops as if he isn’t a huge factor in me having an amazing Jax experience THAT CHANGES NOW
Now, let's go make an official VIP entrance, Max Factor! Get it... ?
El factor internacional atrae mucho a los jóvenes talentos, esa posibilidad que tienes de relacionarte con otros pa… https://t.co/JtvF5NE88R
RT @animint: Dans Monochrome Factor, Akira Nikaidô a son anniversaire le 11 décembre #birthday https://t.co/TZKrcC92jR
RT @Hana12062016: JuanBie's KILIG factor is irresistible. Aminin!!! #JuanBieStrongestFANMILY