Tweets about a recent trend: FaceTime

RT @_theregobri: We didn't FaceTime today 😥😔
RT @HunterRowland: who wants to fall asleep on FaceTime tonight?
@hapsorohap @ariapanji gapernah, khususon video call pake facetime
Dustin and I could FaceTime for hours and hardly say anything, and I'm perfectly content💞
Vei Mateus n me atende no FaceTime
RT @praciegarker: facetime is seriously one of the best moves people have ever made on earth love that thing
if you reading this: dm me, facetime me, text me, call me, play me in fun run 3. pls. something.
RT @chatgentil: Quand ton chien réalise qu'il est en FaceTime avec toi. 💛🐶 https://t.co/ljfUpjnuMF
Falling asleep on FaceTime every night ☺️🤗
yung isang oras na facetime with stu ay sobrang life changing hahaha
Tomorrow night i'll be falling asleep with her & not over facetime 😍 I'm so excited to go home to my baby 😍😭💕 https://t.co/O2hOTuFtkl
RT @R_M_A_O_I_O_N: How guys feel when girls facetime them talking about their day. #dead #literally (Vine by @realjasonmendez) https://t.co/zq2Qb2lWmn
Yup looks like no FaceTime 😏
Sheldon just fell asleep on FaceTime ...who does that
my FaceTime is broken or sum
RT @kiarrarochelle: @_eham21 @_tswizzy LMAO 💀 , I'm a joke but I will 😌 we will FaceTime you tomorrow !
RT @IAMCARDlB: How you look when you're #facetime-ing your BEST FRIEND... #LHHNY https://t.co/DqYUFsBjqO
Yo @Apple make FaceTime voicemails
Facetime anyone .? 👀
RT @BrandoGotStackz: I'm nasty in real life , face to face , thru text , on FaceTime, in my head, via dms , snapchat ...💀allat https://t.co/jNKnUqL0u2
Somebody facetime me 😕
RT @IsmailGuwop: i'll take facetime & phone calls over texting any day 🤷🏾‍♂️
RT @ridebikefast123: do any girls wanna facetime my moms not home right now