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@Jamaicanhitman @HiiiDrake This is "Dog and fishing" AVI Twitter but Facebook's version. What a lowlife thing to say
Today in Facebook's version of the news: Someone got embarrassed, someone's icloud hacked, and someone vaped. #help https://t.co/KKKEPeeCeR
So this is Facebook's version of my year in review. Not to shabby. Friends, wife, selling meat, politics and... https://t.co/WoDb7rvHrU
Facebook's version of my year in a snapshot. I still prefer the 3rd party apps. Bring them back! https://t.co/qCymVLrfn8
Such a great new tool that Facebook released: https://t.co/CMROHxKoIl It's Yelp, but Facebook's version.
Facebook's version of Yelp has gone live: https://t.co/SDkQr7BXiy Read about it here: https://t.co/DQoxhALo8b https://t.co/Nhnvjd0Ie8
Will Facebook’s version not hold businesses hostage like Yelp? If you didn’t know, Yelp is evil towards small biz https://t.co/DoaY64ZksQ
@GreatWallofChin it's Facebook's version of a time capsule
Wait til Facebook's version rolls out. https://t.co/626Vzu0BTE
#facebook's version of #periscope is being tested. Not sure how to feel about that. What are the pros and cons? https://t.co/pu1AGKoF1k