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What happens when your son uses your gun and murders someone and you try to switch places? You spend a load a... https://t.co/tTzY4U3D8c
One of my favorite places in WNY https://t.co/DfJSH1H2Hs
If you want to come to this fantastic event , we only have 6 places available ,don't be disappointed book it now https://t.co/OFI6hSuc4x
HALF TERM is here!! Still places left on Rees Sports Activity Camps next week at St Peter Pavilion Hindley and St... https://t.co/8DOs6GNJ3Z
I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "One Of My Fave Places On The Planet." https://t.co/LOztP9fkTP
At the freezing point at some places this morning! When does warmer air arrive? Details at 7 on News 5. https://t.co/ipw99kUhN9
!@#$%^ and I missed it...but good for them, these guys are ALL going places...ugly, ugly places, but still... https://t.co/OPxov8ptfP
So good to see people travelling to different parts of the country. Keep exploring new places and keep posting... https://t.co/hlBmUCxNju
RT @rccgwisdomcity: We have been raised together with Christ in heavenly places. You are not above the devil, You are FAR ABOVE the... https://t.co/SyuYsloS2A
Yes its Time For Another Getaway But Before That Lets Have A Giveaway! Suggest Us Places to visit, eat, shop or... https://t.co/453qFehSOY
Hanging Muslim lamp. Similar lamps would have been used to light the Masajid before electricity. In some places... https://t.co/aujl1dfCpE
Participez à notre jeu avant mercredi soir prochain et tentez de gagner deux places pour la Nuit des arts... https://t.co/KFmXnLYfpM
For an insight into all the super trendy must-see places and for all the food lovers, check-out this 36-hour... https://t.co/g6ZYNelw4p
#Jeu #Concours sur Facebook pour gagner des places de concert - François Valéry à #Thiers : https://t.co/WHjSvsW20A https://t.co/meimsTuMYg
''I think midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers... https://t.co/SCfYc9E1zq
We still have places available next week on our Halloween owl evening.....4:30 to 6:30 on the 25th,27th&29th call... https://t.co/bz6vWikZPC
Départ Bruxelles vers Charleroi Airport Le 23/10/2016 Taxi entre 20h50 et 21h00 Disponibilité : 3 places Prix :... https://t.co/IEntqLlNVJ
Nearly New Sale Seller places are now all full! Wow! Looking forward to some great bargains. Be sure to put the... https://t.co/GLGmPDmEtn
Départ de Charleroi Airport vers Bruxelles Le 23/10/2016 Taxi entre 22h00 et 22h20 Disponibilité : 2 places Prix... https://t.co/rSxP0lzZgO
The Seven Rila Lakes are beautiful, aren't they? If you want to learn more about #Bulgaria and places to go in... https://t.co/tiXMwUBV9q
Places ruta nocturna - concurs instagramers https://t.co/aWSOm7fQoh
We have been raised together with Christ in heavenly places. You are not above the devil, You are FAR ABOVE the... https://t.co/SyuYsloS2A
RT@VideoGamesLive: • GAGNEZ VOS PLACES #PGW • Video Games Live est partenaire de la #PGW qui aura lieu du 27 au 3… https://t.co/wZOT3n9jZj
Seen it doing the rounds in facebook but cant see how reliable it is as some places in silsden dont do food... https://t.co/x7xV04wHQX