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One for @BullshirePolice - Burglar caught with his pants down after attempted burgulary - his first of-fence maybe? https://t.co/bhZtD7BtzZ
Last day of Make It come down and say Hi. We'll be here until 5 tonight. https://t.co/ak69Cn8ucS
I jot down a smiley face :) neutral face :| or sad face :( on my calendar for events depending on whether there... https://t.co/3qZ46c4hSK
It's Mini Market day at Body Fuel! Lots of new faces and business! Come down from 10-4pm https://t.co/5uylIWrBie
hey the diner is really starting to take shape New floor now and were working on the bathrooms down stairs... https://t.co/2vfINDPfBZ
Ang sakit grabe! Hands down kay kuya! https://t.co/aSeNDEnpGV
Are you into your shabby chic? Why not pop down to our Timeless shop in Longton to pick up a bargain - we've some... https://t.co/ySzvVTTp6W
Down by a dish a fish a pile a pole a white pic k etc fence. https://t.co/oBozEKqker
My life... I love my Sundays. The day I take time to just slow down, relax, re focus. Today I thought a lot... https://t.co/lDFyanjPwh
Brunch is on EVERY SUNDAY here at Wave Seafood Kitchen and Bar! Come on down.....Bring the family and ENJOY!... https://t.co/HfOpPPxKEt
Best Pizza in South Providence hands down!!!!! #LaBroaPizza https://t.co/0XRptLzJA5
Celebrate Air Max day in OG fashion! The Nike Air Max Modern Flyknit has been reduced to £70 down from £100... https://t.co/z8JUxPeQGo
Looking for mother of the bride then nip down to Kudos Bridal !! Highly recommended xxxx https://t.co/Ac6mfjHld8
RT @Papi_Flaco0: If I was bussin down sex toys, I wouldn't let Twitter know. That's news for Facebook
Sure was good to see Dad coming down the aisle taking up the offering this morning. Four heart stents, a couple... https://t.co/18RW0d5f4M
RT @TroyLeeDesigns: Head down to Laguna TLD Thursday night, Art Walk with Moto/Bike artist Scott Dickson! Troy Lee will also be on hand… https://t.co/mOaMWMiS2F
RT @Papi_Flaco0: If I was bussin down sex toys, I wouldn't let Twitter know. That's news for Facebook
If I was bussin down sex toys, I wouldn't let Twitter know. That's news for Facebook
Succulents just never let us down. They are truly the masters of thriving in every season. Happy Sunday from... https://t.co/7QUlrE4h1N
@Val_Val39 Oh my gosh Valerie. You're pouting that much? Lol calm down. We've all told you about Facebook. Chill out girl.
Come down and say hi and please share! https://t.co/sJ3mTUeTEi
South African Military Health Services rocks 😂😂😂 the rest of the SANDF take a sit and sit down!! 😂😂 Captain 👩‍✈️... https://t.co/nxL0YthBej
This is the source of the 'old lady being pepper sprayed' & antifa getting chased down. Fun starts at 57 minutes https://t.co/3vvVbHDxjq
[WP] After taking so much criticism as being an "anti-social" network, Facebook decides to shut down for 7 days. I… https://t.co/jU7Keursmn