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RT @TPM: NEWSLETTER: Obama whacks down-ballot GOPers, Trump camp launches Facebook show, and working alongside Assange https://t.co/1n1w9t2QxD
Do not let the work stress weigh you down, cool down& groove up with @timaya "somemore" . … https://t.co/Gwn6YxYr9W https://t.co/DvIgVMWUaX
Superfoods down and nectar of the Gods in the cup!! Time to get this work day started!! https://t.co/FyBtPHKYj0
John Glynn I can't sleep, need static noise, you've cursed me, help, man down, (btw I felt like a Caesar salad... https://t.co/V8dPFd7Qs9
RT @LionelMedia: "Look, we're just under 13 days to keep spreading the disinformation about Trump. Double down on porn slatterns... https://t.co/qsHTDGDWzN
Luke - Chapter 10 30And Jesus answering said, A certain [man] went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell... https://t.co/eDedCaUELc
RT @ill_independent: Exercise for today: spontaneously write down a sentence and post it here! (Photo: André Nitschke)… https://t.co/DxBA9o0SkM
NOW LIVE — "Even though two of his best friends have settled down, Wes Lancaster is determined not to get sucked... https://t.co/QJmQKEAxJ5
Her Post About A Cyber Bully Went Viral. Meet Facebook's New Heroine: "Instead of cowering down," Taruna Aswa... https://t.co/BgK6Zhhvqd
Huwag lang ako makakita ng Mocha Uson sa Facebook feed ko ngayon, baka hindi ko kayanin, magbreak down ako.
RT @SocialFlow: Facebook expands Safety Center to 50 languages, doubles down on bullies with 60 partners https://t.co/28LIXPmnGl via @TechCrunch
Donald Trump: Obama will go down as the worth President ever!!! President Barrack Obama replied: Well, at less I... https://t.co/7TwuzPuplh
Our time has been incredible! Supporting a missionary that is ready to lay down his life is truly a humbling... https://t.co/b8AQQRYxol
Responsibilities of the insured 1.Make an honest application 2. Keep down exposure to risk 3. Pay your premiums... https://t.co/fXk8gGOx0u
🎶Hold on to me as we go, as we roll down this unfamiliar road! (...) Just know you're not alone, 'cause I'm gonna... https://t.co/JZ26B0Xuf0
RT @FazelHawramy: Live on Facebook: The black flag of Isis brought down in Christian village of Batnaya north of Mosul by peshmerga j… https://t.co/5Oxyewj47A
Down on Clowns Lately? Not After Meeting This Ringling Bros. Clown Turned Entrepreneur https://t.co/XhH3XJDy66 https://t.co/rs5TAP7mDQ
Its about that time the tree of Tribalism be cut down. We are one. The flag is not divided into tribes, it is... https://t.co/VVasOl0pcg
Monkey is still under the weather and his appetite is down. He's a skinny dude on a good day so I need a lunch... https://t.co/i0dMkFNlbB
Over ten years ago my father and I started a sailing school down in Vessigny Trinidad. The goal was and still is... https://t.co/lnWPmvq2fV
I think he could make it down the rapids!! https://t.co/G1ikkyPEkd
"Young blood, when you're doing well, they'll try to bring you down. Know that they can only hate you if they... https://t.co/svlmSpPQ8B
Rachel Ries joining us last night for what will go down as one of our favorite sets at the house. Thanks for... https://t.co/sl9YF0UBwR
Beijing battens down, cranks up propaganda ahead of war parade... https://t.co/kEy8X0Ufsr