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I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/SswHeOb3HG
Un commentaire sur notre page Facebook, à propos d'Anthony #Lopes et de l'affaire des pétards à Metz. Fascinant.… https://t.co/mopYXKPGAw
RT @AyyildizTim911: Facebook sayfamizi ve profillerimizi Bugün Saat 18.30'dan itibaren 24 Saatligine Donduruyoruz #AyyildizTim
RT @vvhen: 쌩냥아치ㅋㅋ 죽빵은 왜 날렼ㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ    출처 : 인스타그램 @hinatabocco.3 고양이 그룹 : https://t.co/dxdWNEDDz5 https://t.co/EkpJrcmAfW
San Valentino si avvicina ed il Rama sta organizzando per voi una serata davvero romantica! A breve tutte le info ;) https://t.co/okdbcRw8j0
RT @RipleyFire: Local Officers Injured "Support Dinner" https://t.co/s49BJ2FrvH
RT @shonai_eigamura: 無事のご回復をお祈りしていましたが、ただただ残念でなりません。十三人の刺客ではお世話になりました。松方さんの殺陣は人間国宝ものだと思います。 https://t.co/T0ucKhpcs1
Fayose Visits Gbenga Daniel Over Efforts to Rebuild PDP Go here... https://t.co/ENh5wl9Gul
We all need to make time for a burger once in a while. #closest_buddy😊 #burger_lover❤️ #naga😂😂😂... https://t.co/6Q0nrslk08
RT @boonsawangnews: โยธาฯไม่พบอาคารในวัดธรรมกาย ผิดกม. #เดลินิวส์ https://t.co/4mnnXzel6P https://t.co/zZY8UEe6O7
On vous donnez rendez-vous ce jeudi (26/01) à 19h à la médiathèque Jacques Demy de Nantes pour une... https://t.co/5DXjmGAEjh
RT @PestoChampion: #SouthIndian #Food Have a #fun #Foodie day ! :) More on Facebook >> https://t.co/G7QWcRcezA Instagram >>… https://t.co/0HkTwLFLcM
Facebook User Blasts Nigerian Politicians After Trump Meets 20% Of His Campaign Promises In Just 4 Days… https://t.co/uJYXCkhu1l
RT @BComptonNHL: ICYMI: @CarverHighCBS and I brought the #Isles PB Podcast to Facebook Live. ... https://t.co/k9R8k14Xpg
RT @ontario_storm: #BellLetsTalk Has anyone heard of Bell Lets Talk day? It's on January 25th 2017 Every year on Bell Let’s Talk... https://t.co/ySa3iQBLA8
...they are terrorist operating under the guys of headsmen, while the government has deliberately not willing to... https://t.co/HsNQv2OANR
RT @sananthachatth: อีก 30 นาที มาlive กันน้าา ในเพจนี้เลย https://t.co/0LSVm21b9g คุยเรื่องเบื้องหลังการถ่ายแบบแบรนด์ของฝนเอง ตามไปฟอล… https://t.co/ashtwJgbvS
#SocialMedia Today: Facebook Looking to Improve Groups – New Opportunities to Consider https://t.co/w4Iv1l7PD6 by Andrew Hutchinson