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RT @gerviccespinar: twitter is my world, pwede ba ung mga judgemental sa facebook nalang?????
RT @swati_gs: Oct '18: One Sunny Gupta posted on Ajmer Sharif. Ghatkopar police booked him for cyber terrorism, sent him to jail… https://t.co/NXP8vxkGtQ
External wastegate for use on cars with Antilag systems. Get it from 👇👇👇 https://t.co/TGNj9L0hBS
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RT @FabianEberhard: Neonazis haben an der Demo gegen den Ku-Klux-Klan in Schwyz ein Transparent entwendet. Nun taucht es wieder auf, in… https://t.co/riCn8NCpOT
จุดพื้นที่ — ที่ บ้านหัวทะเล https://t.co/gosxFDFUUG
Ah, just when I was about to register for the gym. Well, never mind... https://t.co/dCarCPtSDP
RT @vsyelania41: Regno Unito: una donna è stata bannata da Facebook per la pubblicazione di questa immagine che mostra le squadre di… https://t.co/rzw5LkH0At
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Facebook ist tot?! Facebook ist nichts für B2B? 😱 Das stimmt nicht. Auf dem Bild siehst Du eine Lead-Gewinnung-Kam… https://t.co/7J5BYxMnGA
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RT @BTS_Spain: 📸 [FOTOS] BTS x Dispatch durante la filmación del M/V #BoyWithLuv. Más Fotos: https://t.co/G7wbvquxYF Ⓒ Dispatch… https://t.co/6GXJUGhS8O
RT @oliviasolon: TED sponsor Facebook claimed @carolecadwalla's TED talk contained “factual inaccuracies” & demanded to see her scri… https://t.co/1nj5MGmVxE