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lmfao I miss Fatima so much
RT @DemosAmorArg: ♥ By mrs.estrada14 Fatima & Maximiliano with @ilvolo at the Grove @GianGinoble @piero_barone @IBoschetto https://t.co/jd4srJYVj7
@AsYouNotWish who is fatima and who is rakesh??
@Fatimaordemur boa tarde Fátima, se aprochegue😘😘😘😘😘😘
RT @Boconbonica: Ahora mini tornado en La Paloma, gracias nuestra corresponsal Fatima por La foto. https://t.co/eU3jzKw2tL
RT @CauseWereComedy: When u read over ur research paper and realize nothing makes sense but ur almost done so u just keep going https://t.co/5lMZrTJIeZ
Conmemorarán 17 años de la tragedia con peregrinación de la Virgen de Fátima https://t.co/RVuX5lMH14 https://t.co/lOO6kLSnSr
RT @AsYouNotWish: "Ok, I'll show you my ankles, just buy me donuts now."~ Fatima to Rakesh
Separaram Angelina e Brad, Fatima e Bonner, Cunha e Temer Mas pelo menos finalmente Aécio e Moro assumiram
RT @ZainabAwada1: عالأرض بالدم إنكتب مبروك نصرك يا حلب.. #حلب_تنتصر✌🏼️✌🏼️
سوچتا ہوں کہ ڈھلیں گے یہ اندھیرے کیسے لوگ رخصت ہوئے اور لوگ بھی کیسے کیسے https://t.co/UNzPg8Re7D
RT @JustAGirIThing: "how long" is probably the hardest question in life https://t.co/0xzdTvhPuF
RT @E_1i1: شفتوا اللي جالس ورا ،، شكلي وانا اشوف الناس تتخرج https://t.co/1GjRWvPLm5
RT @ajplusarabi: أب وأم غير متعلمين أنجبا 4 عباقرة https://t.co/hk1xXTwbTj
@Narnia121 @aliaa08 oh yes 😍 I was just thinking where I've seen her wearing a similar outfit !
RT @missingpeople: Fatima Mohamed-Ali has been missing from #Newhaven #Sussex since 12 Feb. Pls RT and if you've seen her call 116 000… https://t.co/jT4OuzzLb8
RT @RorateCaeli: Rorate 2017 Person of the Year: Our Lady of Fatima (The Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima) https://t.co/bxz4kroUdC
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RT @CiaoKarol: Mi fido totalmente della Madonna che a Fatima disse: Il Mio cuore immacolato trionferà! <3 https://t.co/Ux79KcO5GA
@fatima_Ib2 لا أفهم دافعها