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RT @vitoriaraujoa: parece q dps q a Fátima Bernardes deixou o William ela finalmente pode mostrar sua verdadeira Fátima https://t.co/b1vviAYZSu
honestamente depois da separação da fatima bernardes e do william bonner mais nenhuma separação global vai me afetar
RT @beckstirfry: My bf bought some donuts and I took a bite out of every single one just to fuck with him but then he got mad about… https://t.co/goYBszfEVw
@joewoahy This is good toddy was on point😂
I thank God for having such beautiful friends. Fatima and Zainab will forever be there for me regardless and honest… https://t.co/DubwDZl5iv
میری زُلف بکھری دیکھ جو کہرام مچا دیتی تھی مجھے اِس حال میں دیکھے گا تو قیامت ٹوٹ پڑے گی اُس پر 🌸
@iDua_Fatima وعلیکم اسلام صباح الخیر مرحبا
RT @KOziSUMR: Saying "Dead ass" after a statement increases your credibility by 32%. Dead ass.
RT @KorayGlc: Down sendromuyla doğan Fatima Kevser; Tekvandoda dünya şampiyonu oldu. https://t.co/LCl6fzOixU
RT @Todd3337: @RobLR313 @SuperEliteTexan @DaRealGrizzle We have been living through the third secret of Fatima since 1958.
RT @shaqtus15: him: she’s probably out entertaining 5 other guys rn her: https://t.co/EwAtl3a4gW
RT @UlisesGarciaRdz: Yo necesito que me pongan atención 24/7 si no me agüito
Maria Júlia Coutinho é sim outra mulher que compõe a bancada do JN, assim como compôs Patrícia Poeta, Fátima Bernar… https://t.co/5qdArXjVqo
Special thank you to my 36 new followers from UAE, Saudi Arabia, and more last week. https://t.co/sL684UsPJA https://t.co/qh5I0YA527
RT @makemmac: I’ve officially decided to give up on men
RT @steph93065: @realDonaldTrump California high speed rail was just another Solyndra, federal money wasted on progressive cronies.… https://t.co/jtAFlqm7Ol
RT @ColIegeStudent: College isn’t so much about learning a subject it’s more so learning how to pass the class by any means necessary.
RT @realDonaldTrump: ....The U.S. does not want to watch as these ISIS fighters permeate Europe, which is where they are expected to go.… https://t.co/acl9k8EQqA
@Fatima_butt514 🤣😜😭😭 koi nai phr b khush stay blessed💕💕