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I love when my hair gets played with😍
I used to want to be the only child but I thank god that I'm not. I love all my siblings man😂
RT @LucianaPatrizia: I pray this #Christmas everyone could please just put politics aside Act with & In Love #FelliniCF… https://t.co/aPH1Podve6
RT @sawyerdxnvers: i love floriana lima??? so much??
RT @FullCountTommy: I'd love to see every company and every sports team pull out of North Carolina until they repeal HB-2
Thank you so much baby, I love you ❤ https://t.co/5WUJqZ53oC
#NowPlaying Love in This Club, Pt. II by Usher ♫ https://t.co/uWxpggsrYG
@jlock936 : I love the late signings. MLS has proven it is s tough league to adjust to but the U continues to bring players in late in camp
RT @JOCOSHERIFF: They loved visiting with you Alex @alexs_journey ! Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family. We love you! https://t.co/aPOHZmHnuh
me reí mucho con ese video i love mis bebés
@dezzy_rae just gotta make sure lol I love women and their skin. I have good skin myself 😌
@AnIIkachu @emhandler1 I'm having trouble to figure out whether this is sarcasm or actually truth but either way I love carrots
RT @TheSoneSource: Tiffany & Various Artist "Talk About Love" ("Hooxi, The Beginning" Album for Global Nature Conservation Campaign)… https://t.co/LeGUH1L9on
@blewis162 I LOVE YOU BLEWIS ❤️❤️
RT @sidebae: it's OKAY to love yourself. its OKAY to be your own biggest fan. it's OKAY to hype yourself up. stop putting yourself last. you're important
Another one with Sting and the Dallas cowboys, all of a sudden people love Sting
RT @AshtonRowland: Love my family ❤😌
RT @BigBoss10USA: Love how Gaurav & Bani were just playing the task while others were being annoying #manurajanchahiye #BB10
Her momma name was lonely & her daddy name was pain & they called you little sorrow cuz you will never love again .
RT @itwthantu: I just want you I just love you I just want you to stay by myside for the rest of my life 😔
RT @maiden16_quezon: Love is just a word until you find someine who gives it the definition. #ALDUB75thWeeksary https://t.co/ZveKacf9uC