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I love spending my adult money at Disney.
Applying: -Less is more -Press don’t wipe, with a makeup sponge -only use it where it is needed!! -put founda… https://t.co/1hOmKkGW7y
RT @AdnaOsman: I love Islam. The only religion the white man fears.
RT @Tiger_Hanbin: 사랑을 했다 เราเคยรักกัน 우리가 만나 เราเคยพบกันมาก่อน 그거면 됐다 เท่านั้นก็เพียงพอแล้วสำหรับผม 널 사랑했다 I Love You #iKON 😊🖖 https://t.co/YVCkBPDWDE
RT @ringostarrmusic: 56 years ago Wednesday, 15 August John Paul and George invited me to become part of the Beatles it was a great day… https://t.co/x50nO6iJrY
RT @lsgi89: 플로리스트 아미에게는 E 컨포의 유리 볼 속 꽃이 눈에 띄네 💐 태형이 에게는 장미나무 남준이는 그 장미가 날리고 윤기와 지민이에게는 수선화 정국이와 지민이에게는 잎이 없는 나무가 석진이와 지민이에게는 초… https://t.co/sx12MXiMe1
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포스터 분할 남준 윤기 태형 호석 남았어요!!
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RT @Diaryforcrush: I still choose to love you.
RT @xyoonl: "¿Por qué bts usa mitad falda, eso es de mujeres"? "Se ve feminino con pantalón rosado" "Con este concepto no se ve… https://t.co/wHPhtGrypz
RT @lildurk: To much fake love in the air stay that way on god
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気になる二の腕の脂肪を落とすバッグの持ち方 ⇒手首を180度返して持つ持ち方で この持ち方をする事で上腕二頭筋を使っていたのが「上腕筋」を使うようになるのです。
@someweirdo4 ......... No you are not love.......
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