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im craving for watching hsm 2 tbh sides eyes bonon
Shake my hand and look up nigga.... look me in my eyes... Da Gangsta way only
RT @HeartIessly: my parents warned me about the drugs in the streets but never the ones with brown eyes and a heartbeat
RT @meanpIastic: Mom: "DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME!" Me: https://t.co/hfX8TN0rOK
RT @Alamkyriel1: "@nytimes: Our presidential forecast# It takes a man with political spiritual eyes to see it's "Time for the 1st woman President of USA."
Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. KISSES NewShiningSThur
RT @almightyTANNER: What is that sad look in your eyes Why are you crying MikeItHappen TANNER
RT @namjinified: namjoon can never take his eyes off of seokjin ive said it many times before and i will say it many times more https://t.co/vDQY6ipDEl
RT @Strange_Animals: The leopard gecko from Afghanistan has incredible eyes! (Photo: Rachael Tomster) https://t.co/a5WCzjXiqa
@jiminhunty there r tears in mi eyes how does he move so gracefully all tgthr now: We Love Him.
RT @USATODAY: 😒 NBA players are driving everyone crazy with cryptic emojis tweets as trade deadline approaches:… https://t.co/TIMouKtUSq
RT @chantaella: When will i be able to have a small conservation,just stare and lock my eyes with the most person that i love. I… https://t.co/MCz0Rgo16e
My eyes hate Dior mascara. Everytime I wear it I'm tearing up for no real. Thank goodness this is just a sample and I didn't buy this
RT @V_of_Europe: Swedish Professor: 'Anyone With Eyes' Can See Migrants 'Fiercely Overrepresented' in Criminal Cases… https://t.co/q21FLt0PsH
It's really wild that someone can look you dead in your eyes and lie to you.
Eyes peeled, there's a few pairs sitting on a knife edge https://t.co/C7cAZbPBsT #forex, #forextrading
RT @chixtumanitue: Where Does the Battle Over the Dakota Access Pipeline Go From Here? https://t.co/SNzoUojKAb https://t.co/2xXRVe5pnu
RT @Franklin_Graham: In God’s eyes, every life matters. And no one should be punished for saying that. https://t.co/qbnGamiIaR
RT @CoryBooker: How we treat the stranger, the outcast, and those unseen by uncaring eyes... this tells our truth more than how we treat our friends.