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sorry i'm just retweeting everything with tears in my eyes
RT @snowberrytae: when Taehyung’s eyes disappear into little crescent moons and you can actually imagine his precious boxy smile behi… https://t.co/RNG9UvmmPE
RT @UyainaArshad: Guys, you like girls with sepet eyes or mata bulat? Girls, you like guys with sepet eyes or mata bulat?
@BadByBlood_ She looked up at him and smirked as her eyes shined with mischief, "Well you told me to make you stop… https://t.co/szoEW2b7EX
RT @luk_lehm: Cop: do you know why i pulled you over? Me: no Cop: because your light is out Me: oh shoot I’ll get that fi- Co… https://t.co/W2YO4JUZv9
@DAUGHTEROFTIIME Passionately kissing her lips, he continues to feel every inch of her body as he kisses her neck.… https://t.co/YTQidH3kJ1
まだRed Light In My Eyes Pt.2をライブでやってるの見たことないので倒れられては困るのです…
RT @LetsfixthisNZ: @MariaSherwood2 Bridges will be beside himself and the others will be frothing around angry all the months shit sti… https://t.co/7wgUvgHn3W
@DreadyBoyBamBam From now on Donnell can do no wrong in my eyes
RT @jstanxietythngs: lately looking at vmin has been equivalent to looking at the sun. I have to avert my eyes for fear of losing my vis… https://t.co/TLMuPN76do
RT @streamtrencch: Tyler: Josh: Tyler: Josh: Tyler: your eyes are really pretty Josh: we're eating Tyler Tyler: Josh Tyler:… https://t.co/Ym9zZAnQRi
RT @USAahgases: U.S. iTunes K-pop chart 3.24.19 GOT7 Albums 19- Focus⬇️ 50- Fly⬆️ 53- Flight Log: Turbulence⬆️ 55- Just Right⬆️ 5… https://t.co/b2RGxN1fFU
RT @asjkdhd: A camera can never capture the beauty we see through our eyes https://t.co/dVfgywo1wm
RT @its_gmoore: this made me laugh. so hard. bc someone said the baby's eyes look like she doing the math and something don't add u… https://t.co/mjZ0b3HRrU
I can't believe it Bret Baier has Juan Williams on he's ticked off and I can hardly believe my eyes but he looks pale
RT @Notebooktxts: When I close my eyes, I miss your face.
RT @someMoor: I have a thing for eyes and eye contact.
RT @CaucasianJames: would any girls like to go see ‘us’ with me and cover my eyes during the scary parts
lmao look at jongin and junmyeons eyes CLOSED here ahsjdndn https://t.co/9wGv7rvbcE
RT @Kannaboomers_: Upscale and down market, CBD is going mainstream... and it's going to open eyes, hearts and minds to the therapeuti… https://t.co/Bn1WjLGI3K
RT @karenamyatt: @melinda_mosheim Somehow that collusion inquiry got whittled down to a toothpick without our knowledge until today.… https://t.co/dqoD4BHuUr
i’m highkey sitting and staring off not realizing i’m crying when teas are mf pouring out of my eyes i- https://t.co/3okY40kWEu
RT @VashiMant: I never saw shame in eyes of Ind Ms 4 fact that minor Hindu girls are suffering rape, abduction, forced conversion… https://t.co/tda5n8ghpg
RT @LamarJohnsonn: if only you can see yourself from my eyes.