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“The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes.” ————… https://t.co/AsNCIFlnrz
RT @JemiahMB: I don’t get upset at closed doors and denied opportunities anymore because I know that God has greater in store. My… https://t.co/Y5zYa7DFAN
RT @allycondie: My daughter, age 6, is into playing Would You Rather and her questions are not for the faint of heart, i.e., "Would… https://t.co/rB7pWh3VMN
RT @_RebeccaParham: There are actual tears in my eyes. I didn’t think I would cry. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am… https://t.co/7k9FgsS4Fn
RT @tk_tanvi: This! They were talking with their eyes when he asked her to talk about her journey. Damn! Telly Bytes why did you… https://t.co/eieOMMQnyy
RT @JamieClay_: absolutely love it when you’re scranning a chinese or something and you crack that can of coke and the first sip is… https://t.co/A3dWGiLfCm
@NiharikaPolo @queenspeakss Zaan kya cheez hain ,, her smile n innocent eyes tiny r like magnets which can attract… https://t.co/dOig1ybRM3
RT @ogecebel: This woman looks normal from the waist up. But when I saw the rest of her body, I couldn't believe my eyes➔… https://t.co/DLiZuQ2a2y
RT @jessiepaege: the most pure and lovely thing is when a band starts to perform one of their well known songs and the crowd finishe… https://t.co/g6iMxMRJkH
RT @squishyhao: wtt • want to trade got7 eyes on you have: 3 x jackson lookbook photo sticker strip want: jinyoung mark youngjae… https://t.co/pGRCfK1av1
RT @alkabhardwaj222: My doubt got more stronger now.Why were u scared #Harman ?🙁What is that u r hiding n suffering all alone baby😥plz t… https://t.co/DhpSI33JZI
“The second stage of our existence is an ethical one. While I desired to lay my eyes on your hidden flesh, I recogn… https://t.co/X6Pkk2IhPN
RT @louisebailey75: You have hit the nail in the devil head Mr. Bond. This govt selling our souls to Jihadis for vote. Jihadis walking… https://t.co/V4uwUlig79
RT @_RebeccaParham: There are actual tears in my eyes. I didn’t think I would cry. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am… https://t.co/7k9FgsS4Fn
@hannahbuggx I close my eyes and I am there. Screw today, lol.
RT @ProgRockGrandad: The path is clear, though no eyes can see..... Genesis “Firth Of Fifth” https://t.co/4gLUnOXgMW https://t.co/w7sQoZnHmX
RT @SweetViolettes: Her phantom loveliness came from accidents of the moment — the pale luminous complexion, the changing light in the… https://t.co/ZnaBMxwtwZ
RT @Proud_Radish: 📣Challenge: Moomoo,can you find your bae? Hint : someone being greasy again...🌟 Mine is the mischievous one.. Find… https://t.co/m66kqz58jh
RT @LifeLimits: For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. -Audrey Hepburn
RT @Nadea_P: So much pain in his eyes Yağiz ve Hazan YağHaz DenizBaysal YüreğiGüzelAdam ÇağlarErtuğrul
RT @Fruityy_licious: Me: don't cry...don't cry Mind: don't cry...don't cry.. Me: 😟 Eyes: barso re megha megha.. Barso re megha megha😭😭😭😭
@RVAwonk @JuliaKozuschnik I watched Melania give her bit of a speech before Trump spoke. It came off rather cold a… https://t.co/1X5lmxHk9n
This #PrithviVallabh Promo which is featuring Mrinal just popped up on YouTube & OMG @BSonarika is looking fire🔥🔥🔥… https://t.co/6I8olSHUi2
Quick review of the first 15 minutes of season 10 of drag race: all of them are my favorite, @YuhuaNYC out of drag… https://t.co/FQcTJbHpku