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RT @Scarlita1464: real eyes realize real lies 👀 SHIT WAS TOUGH !
RT @fuzzycuntkins: me when my man gets into bed and shuts his eyes https://t.co/oC6CTSOfpl
RT @_hoodlums: Halloween drinking game: take a shot every time someone has blood dripping from their eyes
@jr_croy @Huey93281944 @DailyCaller Have you seen her DOXXING(?!?!) website? This woman is a fraud.
RT @verkwan_kr: they tryna avoid each others eyes 👀 https://t.co/T4IFe0Xl2x
“You just took me by surprise and I can’t believe my eyes, I must be… https://t.co/PTIsFcdYVL
I'm not keen on the lines around the top bit of the eyes but I haven't found a fix yet.
she closed her eyes to keep this moment..
RT @fuzzycuntkins: me when my man gets into bed and shuts his eyes https://t.co/oC6CTSOfpl
RT @MonikiIIa: I knew I was a strong ass person when I got my heart broken at 12 PM, cried my fckin eyes out, did my makeup, & made it to class at 3
even our eyes are different colors, but we see fine
"When I want to smile I know exactly what 2 do. I just close my eyes & think of you". ~Unknown… https://t.co/mdjxFyIkJK
they say the eyes are the windows to the soul 📷 by @_JunLu https://t.co/c6QsGYKu3n
RT @demanrisu: "welcome to the games capital of Australia" *everyone from outside Melbourne narrows eyes*
RT @kbeeezzy: "Real eyes realize real lies" Wow so fucking deep so original omg congrats on being annoying and unoriginal.
RT @champagnefeeI: what girls look for in guys: • brown eyes • messy hair • cute nose • 4 paws • golden retriever
RT @tinycarebot: 🍂: dont forget to take a quick break to look outside your window and let your eyes rest please
RT @Pornhub: MORNING! My long term goal is death.
Look into my eyes. You can recognize my pain.
If i could give one thing in live,would give you the ability to see yourself throught my eyes,only then would you realize,how special youare
RT @manuriosfdez: don't trust people who don't look u in the eyes while they're talking to u.
RT @myIostsoul: we try to hide our feelings, but we forget that our eyes speak
RT @HornyFacts: i got my eyes on one person and no one else tbh
RT @BuckyIsotope: Meat dreams are made of bees Owls have eyes that kiss a tree Unravel a girl with 7 knees I don’t think I’m singing this song right