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My teacher's pretty much convinced me I should take out my lip piercing but I dunnooooo 😩
Kim has a lip piercing? She does not!🙊 https://t.co/5BYFDwHrEl
RT @sienamartino: Mom is NOT happy about the eyebrow piercing😳😂
@Housecat36 some women up where I'm working told the supervisor I look scary. Not sure if it's my tattoos lip piercing or fucked teeth
I opened up my lip piercing again 😛
Got that lip piercing finally doing the genocide route of undertale and his eyes because yeah I like
When u thought u clocked a peng ting then you realise she got a lip piercing
@yknoC I just have to wear long sleeves to cover tattoos and need to find retainer for lip piercing
RT @EsraaElEmam: انا حرفياااا بجد بجد بكره nose piercing و ال lip piercing بردوو و بكره اى حد بيفكر مجرد التفكيربس انه يحاول بس مجرد محاوله انه يحبهم والله.
Miss my lip piercing but Karina always tells me " you can get it but I ain't kissing you " liiike biiish I had it when we first met wym??
Now I've got my braces off I can get my lip piercing done
RT @TorelxSeay: @BabyyGirl__ Theatre class Lip piercing Latina Loud
Aba lip piercing
Noah Fence but yoongi will look good with lip piercing. Just sayin bye
I haven't wore my eyebrow piercing in a good min
Is it just me or does anyone else think someone with an eyebrow piercing is automatically intimidating as hell???
This middle of the bottom lip, lip piercing that is becoming popular all of a sudden needs to not it's so ugly
Suko na ako sa lip piercing.
hey imagine yoongi with an eyebrow piercing
i lost my eyebrow piercing but i dont want it to close up so i deadass have an extra septum piercing in my eyebrow… https://t.co/SaVna6APsw
@merteuiI is it an eyebrow piercing if you don't have eyebrows or is it just lower forehead
I wanna get an anti-eyebrow piercing so bad but I can't with my job and that makes me sad