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RT @Gamkedo: If an #indiedev shares what worked for them there's no guarantee it'll work the same now. Keep risk low. Experiment… https://t.co/MbRtj4XDoa
RT @adiputrazuhri: This Quran social experiment public reactions is so beautiful. https://t.co/kQv6JYdqdk
The experiment with Cylons are not to create true rogue AIs, like Skynet that's obtuse. All creations serves me, they're still machines.
@kamaalrkhan @naimhyd An experiment in Stanford University saw rats which were allowed to multiply become cannibals,with food supply limited
The Experiment That Debunked Materialism: https://t.co/s4leVQz99s
Fun experiment: don't initiate convo with friends when they know you're going through a rough time and find out who actually gives a shit :)
lilac voice: oh by the way i did this massive science experiment without telling anyone and youre magic now congrats
@PakilanderGr8 @shams1919 @Capt_Abdulah Bss Abb Experiment naa Kariyo Doctor Koi Pagal daa Putter c ! 🤔
That is missing. And 1 I use to experiment. I also have been doing a little side writing for a movie blog(I know more about it that u think)
Das Experiment mit Linda Zervakis – Was unsere Körpersprache verrät https://t.co/aQo5ijeRlv #blogtraffic
RT @AstroKPJ: Founders of #LIGO experiment, Kip Thorne & Rai Weiss collecting $3M award on behalf of the team. #breakthroughprize https://t.co/N4dpccHkwe
@tiffany_giron perfect time to experiment 🍝🍥🌭
RT @mikelove: from @mritchieau group "RNA-sequencing mixture experiment using two cell lines of the same cancer type"… https://t.co/bgCxtu3zVO
@LogicalReterg @baddy3shoez dude I've sent him them photos 3 times after daring him to do the experiment himself. He's ignored each time
@69mib I keep thinking Lab Rats ...we are lab rat... one great big social experiment. All men are created equal . Cultures religion not so
これやりてええ 【VR実況】弟者の「The Brookhaven Experiment」【2BRO.】 https://t.co/DHUz3FX9Ge @YouTubeさんから
and the great thing is the new experiment songs didnt seem as awkward as their previous releases. woozi is such a genius <3
RT @SharpsBrewery: @Satbains1 great to meet you chef & thanks for supporting #pcf16, we'll send you some beers to experiment. Keep playing Prince! - Nick & Ed
Роберт Глеспер. Удачный Experiment.
Роберт Глеспер. Удачный Experiment.
Роберт Глеспер. Удачный Experiment.
@kanda08 Short answer. Yes. How is she mastermind? Depends on which 2 explanations (military experiment vs hell) you choose to believe
@BBCNews @bbclaurak Multiculturalism is a failed experiment started by politcians in 1950s
RT @HerrFunk: Das Geheimnis ist gelüftet! @DieMaus sucht Eure Ideen für ein tolles Experiment an Bord der ISS. Und so geht es: https://t.co/PDazLfhx8Z
RT @VicMetcalf_NZ: "The thing ~ being being an #engineer or a #scientist is you never know what's going to happen until you run the experiment" @medickinson