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@BYU @maggieNYT So does this mean we get to repeat the experiment on the effect of sugary soft drinks on weight and… https://t.co/pfLnjuweKo
RT @MailOnline: How Stalin starved four million to death in a grotesque Marxist experiment - but many are STILL in denial https://t.co/ZpFBQANxtv
I wonder what happened! Thank you to Mrs. DeYoung for the great science experiment! 😄 https://t.co/wa7yaekDDp
@immevanmilo Ah Zimbardo, die is hier ook nog wel eens langs gekomen. "The Lucifer Effect" vond ik persoonlijk een interessant "experiment".
Simple ass experiment fails for the 4th time. I don tire abwg
RT @kcranews: This gross experiment will make you never forget to wash your hands again https://t.co/lvyoQAu5td https://t.co/dEQP5dLYRW
Líbí se mi video @YouTube https://t.co/sDYhHgPdVv 100% DRŽENÍ MÍČE!? (FIFA 18 EXPERIMENT)
RT @Fermilab: This is a big deal! The UK has agreed to help build the next great particle physics experiment in the US. https://t.co/DIWKzPTSia #UKdune
Social experiment: wait till the classroom is quiet and then start cracking your knuckles. I guarantee 6 other people will join in.
RT @Leaving_Orbit: The "Aquapad experiment" - what's that? @ESA explains: https://t.co/HMLpnOL0nz
The boys and girls have been working together to create volcanoes for an experiment tomorrow! 🌋 https://t.co/6RvboNYr7S
@bbiygirl i thought he was just gonna call off the experiment and say smth like "see how easy it is to start a dict… https://t.co/TOO7ytHoE4
RT @Aleissia: Fab talk about anti-abuse design for VR/AR from @cyceratops. Design early. Experiment. Get feedback from your community. #VRDC2017
RT @jeremycorbyn: Labour offers an alternative to that failed economic experiment. We will deliver a country that works #ForTheMany, not the few.
KINDER ONTVOER EXPERIMENT! https://t.co/BLS0Wffm6f via @YouTube
RT @PlagueofLust: "𝑰𝑻'𝑺 𝑱𝑼𝑺𝑻 𝑨 𝑳𝑰𝑻𝑻𝑳𝑬 𝑷 𝑰 𝑵 𝑪 𝑯..." ☠️Will experiment on you ☠️Purveyor of aphrodisiacs ☠️Very skilled hands ☠️May… https://t.co/YJK1WTIftU
RT @ProfBrianCox: I consider this an experiment. If we're still here on 24th, we can conclude that all doomsday prophesy is bollocks https://t.co/7FA3kEZRbM
amature experiment mature hot nide girls having sex https://t.co/qWgZOGlinL
#Bonn ist noch nicht dabei beim globalen Augenkontakt-Experiment, weltweit am 23.9.. wer will anmelden/mitmachen? https://t.co/dNkUlpT9nZ
RT @NickAfrica: Today's #MCM is Captain Man from #HenryDanger😍 He's brave, heroic &, thanks to his dad's science experiment acciden… https://t.co/cDABF6NU0k
@GeekinDaddy ||Gotta experiment with Chem dude Aaron I personally don't think will get along with Joseph, because… https://t.co/RWhCv1HqBq
Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment: 'Sunday Candy (feat. Jamila Woods)' https://t.co/2A5RyfExFw #WZBT
RT @SFExplosion: miss you @HikeTheGamer, lets play videogames https://t.co/DqZZ1rn4KC