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RT @GunsNBoxes: Timing is key in #GunsNBoxes! Steady your aim and get'em! #Gamedev #Madewithunity #pixelart #vfx #indiedev #indie… https://t.co/1x4p9whFM8
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@OrnaRoss thanks Orna! Also, thanks for your work on the Indie Fringe(s)!
@johannareads I was so excited to sign a book for you! 💕💖💕 Thanks so much for supporting a Sac local indie!
@MissAngelaDavis Also, how will "diverting capitalism" alter people's personal space violations? I'm harassed at indie shops too, so...
RT @penandpencilnq: LIVE MUSIC Weds 2nd Nov @SOTNRecords Ft the city's biggest indie rock band @thehubbards https://t.co/fVnEvgsD3D… https://t.co/kBSNeKfDLS
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@MaxwellRBR Between The Sheets. They had a booker on, and one host said they just needed you to cover all the midwest indie bookers.