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No more slacking I'm back on it all the way! Meal prepped my week, proteins shakes, work out drinks I'm ready! No more excuses or schedules
Marco qui accepte les excuses de l'équipe sur insta 👍 sans rancune
"No excuses, have a tunnel vision and knock out your goals." Don't worry about what others… https://t.co/QIiXsyWFdp
RT @DavidYankovich: Hey Georgia Resistance, Early voting starts in 8 hours in the 6th. Make sure you and everyone you know gets out. No excuses. #FlipThe6th
RT @fxlozano: Don't want to hear excuses. We want results https://t.co/VVHF0Bd1cE
@Pascal_Beuvelet 2017 la Présidentielle des excuses.
RT @kxthniels: people will always have lame ass excuses for themselves just because they can't be like someone they wish to be
RT @femmedinfluence: Si tu te caches derrière des excuses tout le long de ta vie, j'ose à peine imaginer la quantité de regrets que tu vas accumuler.
RT @RJGatorEsq: LUCKY? 🙄 If the parents can't get their kids anything else, they can get them MRE's. Nutritious. Simple. No more… https://t.co/yEUYbIep4X
Ok..sigh..., & how many claim a new dead father every 6 weeks? Then what?? Of course we let off for valid excuses! https://t.co/l9iOfAkAUz
There are no excuses to not utilize the tools you already have! #spaLEADers2017 #spaleaders #leadconferencehttps://t.co/dCTQCLGuE6
@johncrossmirror @Gazwthegooner This makes him accountable, did in 2013, does 4 YEARS LATER, no financial excuses anymore, failed again.
RT @WiseCoachCarter: Begin while others make excuses. Work while others are wishing. Keep going while others are quitting.
RT @andiemanzi: Don't forget who helped you out when everyone else was making excuses.
RT @pisces245: #Pisces can smell a bullshit miles away and they also hate excuses.
RT @unigazay: My doctor called me big boned. Fat people got no excuses now
I remember just starring at you at work and finding different excuses to talk to you and now you're mine and I'm so… https://t.co/AiOZJdjy4V
RT @fxlozano: Don't want to hear excuses. We want results https://t.co/VVHF0Bd1cE
RT @mboudry: Chapeau aan @SammyMahdi dat hij excuses aanbiedt in @demorgen. Maar zo erg vond ik die retoriek over kaki-moeheid o… https://t.co/LSVdtmV5aX
RT @bonitarosekemp: @lachlan. Scif at congress. No excuses. Nunes is just as dirty. Ryan needs to remove him fr cmte. If he doesnt.. Ryan is in on it.
People make too many excuses for @KingJames Just go out and just play ball 🏀