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RT @SethAbramson: (MEGA-THREAD) "Source E" is the Deep Throat of the #Russiagate dossier. The internet is abuzz with claims Source E… https://t.co/4yAn1kS7vY
@DannyLantigua Cana mira que disparate, 100Millones de tuit genero la marcha verde.. significa cada dominicano con… https://t.co/CroMhUAY00
RT @Designbyvernon: the funniest nigga on the internet right now https://t.co/MbbSb6Pj7k
RT @karasunolester: rt for free follows a follow/ffs would be nice bc i lost a lot :( doing all be patient bc my internet is shit u may have them
my favorite video on the internet will forever and always be peperonie's first birthday
RT @PresidencialVen: Presidente @NicolasMaduro: “Hoy por hoy 62% de venezolanos y venezolanas tienen acceso a Internet” https://t.co/2jgxkAR03m
RT @SylvaCap: A Revolutionary Wave of Internet-Data Analytics – PeerLogix $LOGX: https://t.co/BcRgL33REs
RT @MalcolmNance: AS PREDICTED: Nunes Source was WH staffer googling names on Classified Internet. He must Resign fm HPSCI https://t.co/eji0XPnZYM via @TPM
@RobinMaeeee @NoahBensi look at you two conspiring to break the internet.
RT @dxrnas: não tirem a internet dos brasileiros https://t.co/HtuIvbTeVa
this is the most important video on the internet https://t.co/H3aSTD7OOG
@Logo_Daedalus 🤔*opens internet and scans lyrics from contemporary music*
RT @futurism: Soon, you won’t just surf the web, you’ll live in it. https://t.co/ZV2Tp34lUj
RT @xffernandox: vocês se empenham demais em discussão na internet, chega na vida real aqui fora tem vergonha até de ir na esquina comprar pão
Don't claim you produce when you get your beats from the internet smh
@fifthondrugs faço questão de ver o melhor vídeo da internet
Create/Manage a PPC Campaign by w00h00: I am looking for a freelancer to… https://t.co/bhtbrYBuDo #freelance #job
RT @httpfredleyva: Cuando estas viendo videos de los cedes y te apagan el Internet https://t.co/DX9YCAK0s1
RT @its_a_mith: ANYONE IN WALDORF do not call! The man refused to give out his name & the "company" is no where on the internet https://t.co/1dic7TSRnA
RT @austin_walker: 2016: Internet Horny is Fun and Extemporary and Collaborative 2017: Internet Horny is Competitive, actually, and it is I who is horniest.
@MMAGAME1 Yup. Had to disconnect from the internet to play Fight Now
@missfrostfree eu fico boba com essa falta de empatia do povo aleatório da Internet. Parece que nem tem louça pra lavar em casa.
How the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the #cybersecurity landscape https://t.co/gW2MEz13nS #IOT https://t.co/yOki6coWnd
RT @femaIes: This is my favorite video on the internet https://t.co/uSK7KGtEla