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@showmusical: Gana dinero viendo publicidad por internet, preguntame como,envio INFO via E-mail https://t.co/HGgyrPafkK #lovendotodo
Oha, es läuft aktuell eine DDos-Attacke gegen die staatliche IT-Infrastruktur Luxemburgs: https://t.co/fuFQxb1pBf
RT @theIeansquad: Ya'll better stop trying to embarrass your kids on the internet before you end up like this dad https://t.co/1FlYcgxNIc
RT @MerDroits: One of the major concerns regarding internet purchases is whether...#WhatResearchSays
How the #IoT is improving lives to transform the world https://t.co/TqgRTsqAKR
RT @tvbjk: BJK TV'yi internet üzerinden takip edecek taraftarlarımız için canlı yayın linkleri; https://t.co/fYcTZlDGYP https://t.co/jxOTUKxLZS
Así navegan, se comportan, reaccionan y compran los millennials en internet - Marketing Directo https://t.co/O6OLhHVyYC #marketing
RT @TakingFiveHQ: Arguing on the internet VS. Arguing in person... https://t.co/nu4F546NP0
RT @ChattanGypsy: @SanjaHirkic Thank you so much! ❤️ Sorry for the delay in responding. My access to the internet has been extremely limited.
RT @ThaboKgowana: YouTube Views: Wololo: 4.6M Ngud: 3.6M Lion of Judah: 1.8M Mthande: 2.4M Hell Naw: 235 990 Internet is not captured!!! #MMA16
How to subscribe internet data in NTC? https://t.co/X5BzZB6bjX
INTERNET BAMPOT BINGO Rfc wont challenge✅ Rossiter made of putty✅ Barton implode before xmas✅ Magic hat=Dunce cap✅ No war chest✅ HOUSE
RT @Millicom: #Netflix dependent on quality Internet in markets. Lking for efficient use of operators' bandwidth. Investing in encoders. #MillicomWMC17
RT @librosdemivida: Trump quiere que esta foto desaparezca de internet. Le ha pedido a los periodistas que la borren. La odia. Por favo… https://t.co/HXaPemqpm2
RT @RussiaInsider: Russian Foreign Minister Receives Black Belt in YOLO https://t.co/oSJjEJYC5g https://t.co/U3zlcNJf91
@Alexa57970 :* grave bg le drapeau, tu l'as eu sur internet ou dans une boutique communiste? ahah
The Best Conferences to Attend in the Internet of Things #IoT https://t.co/1DkQHj72JV https://t.co/fRXjNCCnot
srsly hipster couldnt cooexist on the internet. because of lambe turah.
@luizamat @_abns @NataliaReis01 amo você esposa, mas né vamos nos expor na internet ela tá aí pra isso....
RT @blingspice: Thread of my favorite videos/vines on the internet:
Reed Hastings really loves that novel metaphor for binge viewing, says internet has brought binge viewing back to humans $NFLX #MWC
RT @dhh: Hello, my name is David. I would fail to write bubble sort on a whiteboard. I look code up on the internet all the time. I don't do riddles.
Pelo amor deseus jyp eu nao tenho internet e vcs me vem cm teaser de 4 minutos? #FLIGHTLOGARRIVAL