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RT @__Retro: Parents: “come fix the internet” Me: *simply restarts the router* Parents: “wow, you should really pursue a caree… https://t.co/gWrYNuAxtI
@RichardHeartWin Ok Richie too much internet today. Stay away from ur smartphone and take fresh air outside
@BeyondBank Do you waive ATM fees? How long does it take for transactions to appear in internet banking?
RT @creapills: Que se passe-t-il chaque minute sur internet en 2018 ? https://t.co/NfLwyDfdLW
RT @biactrix: oi meu nome eh bibia e desde os 11 anos eu luto contra a anorexia e a bulimia. hoje eu me alimentei certinho e to m… https://t.co/mZCm9N1v0H
people can still get a degree, have a job, a family if you may and be on stan twt like what does having a life outs… https://t.co/NXBD4l6e71
@abrise3 @SuperCazarre Ne compare pas Twitter et Skyblog, les 2 réseaux, si on peut appeler le second un réseau, n'… https://t.co/TJle20ShkD
@Bhahadur1 @Ncell @RS33 बडो अचम्म को भाषण दिनु भयो त ताली पड्काउनु कि के???Mayle free internet को कुरा गरेको छु?म… https://t.co/4CWfWk2ONz
RT @marcusvisn: se seu filho anda falando sozinho no quarto é torcer pra ele tá no telefone, ou conversando com algum familiar que… https://t.co/D28HR826Rb
@SaysHummingbird @fireworkbonnie Yes. Yes. Sounds delightful. Maybe with an internet cam so we can enjoy that.
Paubos na data ko tae wala padin internet sa bahay
A RMS está com novos planos e Instalação Grátis na troca da sua internet! Uma nova opção de Internet em Itaperuna. https://t.co/A7bv1s8Ulr
LOL! Internet is still tripping over Daisy Shah’s EPIC viral dialogue and this totally OUR BUSINESS… https://t.co/RWNYTXJXSZ
attitude mo par bulok naman internet niyo HAHAHAHAHA 😂
RT @girlfryou: Doctors Are Warning Parents About This Harmful https://t.co/xe91TUPSq2
Internet Marketing - So starten Sie durch: Geld verdienen mit Internet Marketing (German Edition) -… https://t.co/1JFPTFVHRc
RT @amirulruslan: Gobind’s day one announcement: let’s double Malaysia’s internet speed. Not impossible at all — immediate neighbors… https://t.co/2890shDcSV
dimasnpratama [1] Selamat malam, Mas dimas. Mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanan yang dialami, mengenai akses internet l… https://t.co/1HeXvOJ5yW
Welcome to internet this is what is happening in twitter at the moment. Enjoy! https://t.co/S6jQyCDKzj
RT @LaurenJauregui: Banning anyone to speak on anything is against the first amendment of free speech we all like so much on the intern… https://t.co/3o8ah9Ibtf
RT @Randealx: Outreach 101: The Essence of Ninja Marketing #growthhacking https://t.co/rbr9q3o1Gp | Get your [Free] content here: https://t.co/UCOgeKbMBg
RT @bactereedia: Can you store the entire internet on a human finger? Check out my first post on @SciSidequests where I explore the… https://t.co/B3tKFVN6FN