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"Life is like a giant puzzle. Everyday we struggle to find its pieces to make it into a complete picture" MARTA KapitLikeKoala
No one will understand my struggle of loving my white dog but also loving black clothes. His hair gets everywhere and I look dirty everyday
@arianaktrease this is my everyday struggle at work
@Teranaconda BRO that was my everyday struggle last year
RT @kallid16: controlling my attitude & mouth is an everyday struggle for me 🙄
@HWuopio defo it's a pity others can't see that everyday is a struggle but there's always someone worse off
I struggle everyday deciding whether to be comfy or look cute
You my aunt makes donuts everyday. The struggle 😫😫 https://t.co/bcTDUaBDHU
RT @DamnSkinnyB: It's struggle everyday to not snap on white people at the job.
RT @DamnSkinnyB: It's struggle everyday to not snap on white people at the job.
@realDonaldTrump You should be in jail. But u think your God. No taxes. But we struggle everyday with the ones u impose and u dont even pay.
RT @UhSoul: I ask God everyday to free me from fear, insecurities, selfishness and any flaw I may struggle with spiritually, mentally & physically.
My bus always struggles up this one hill to my apt, so everyday I am literally riding the struggle bus 🚃
Everyday a struggle that's why I hustle to run it up 🎶
I'd rather struggle everyday of my life than to ever give a man the power to say "You wouldn't… https://t.co/RIgq3vuri2
RT @MaccMalone: Its a everyday struggle , so everyday I hustle
Podoba mi się film The Notorious B.I.G. - Everyday Struggle (L'Indécis Remix) w @YouTubehttps://t.co/CJfAU1fwO3
@Dame_Lillard got lryics to get you through your workout and the everyday struggle... he been through it all and now he teaching us ✊
I will struggle everyday of rest my life before I let a mf think I need them for anything 💯
RT @rachhelllalana: my everyday struggle is missing @alaguilar_ 💔😭
Did you know that millions of Americans struggle everyday with substance abuse? For info & resources: https://t.co/MrlZanDLev
Everyday there's a constant struggle of should I give a nice response or give a sarcastic/snarky/rude/petty response