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#JoanJett JOAN JETT AUTOGRAPHED 1983 45RPM PICTURE SLEEVE EVERYDAY PEOPLE https://t.co/hVM6KFYmsC #Rock #Guitarist https://t.co/Ylc3qFynW7
RT @ifthisworldwere: @Complex sort of. Chappelle has a team of people. Everyday people don't have the same flexibility in time. I understand your point tho
Looks like demonitization was well accepted by everyday people !
I feel like at some point families just begin to be "everyday people" to each other instead of family to each other.
@aman_k435 people who If normal everyday people would get careened for this kind of stuff. Again, rules for the common man/woman/child are
It's sad how we put corporate developer rights first over basic rights & needs of everyday people. https://t.co/JIpCMAYbEH
Apollo creed you fucking moron. Making you should leave your identify politics bubble and actually talk to normal e… https://t.co/DGwoCbCHlB
@armitvgehux everyday people find a new way to disappoint
I can retweet this everyday. People will only vaguely get it on March 10th. https://t.co/rBBq67gDxK
Amorphous is a movement of everyday people that perform one hit and slip back into their life telling no one. They are silent heroes.
RT @k_ramali: @halabugaighis or else we will witness the exclusion of everyday people in Libya in favor of elite circles
@beaniper everyday people stray further from God's light
RT @RebeccaBilbro: Natural language processing for everyday people: https://t.co/VHwGkRoabf @bytecubed @github @NLTK_org #nlp #machinelearning #datascience
RT @RebeccaBilbro: Natural language processing for everyday people: https://t.co/VHwGkRoabf @bytecubed @github @NLTK_org #nlp #machinelearning #datascience
@MrShikaki The media is so close minded they lost touch with everyday people.
Lol people lie everyday, people cheat everyday, people leave everyday 🤷🏾‍♀️ my heart not gone be broke unless I been spending money on you
RT @EarthIsFlat2017: First assumption people make is there's an edge to fall off. The ice wall holds the oceans in, and isn't accessible… https://t.co/Vz3XK2rUW5
NO.145【Everyday People】 – Sly and the Family Stone
RT @MsPackyetti: People are living in terror. People who contribute to this country everyday. People who matter. #DACA
RT @Susan_Citizen: Here's more info on the bills we're discusing that will strip away legal rights from everyday people:https://t.co/93q8wjioMt #RightsatRisk
RT @DemSpring: SIGN: everyday people are being jailed for challenging @jeffsessions's voter suppression. Sessions must resign.… https://t.co/PLwENjobr4
#NowPlaying Everyday People - Single Version by Sly & The Family Stone. Dance people! It's Friday! ♫ https://t.co/6NqyT4yHoM
@stockwizards3 Ease of use for everyday people to include savings, spending and donating. It needs to be common to be disruptive as fuck.
RT @exactlyestrella: everyday people prove me why I shouldn't trust anyone