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@RT_com On every flight I've taken there are clearly-stated specifics about being seated @ emergency exits. Sorry for his embarrassment.
why do i always get stuck next to someone that looks like a craigslist killer on every flight ever
@flargh almost every flight for work. Boss always asks if we need anything, I usually pick up a set of headphones or a battery pack.
I'm sleeping between every flight today..
Why was every flight grounded but one flight was allowed to go that day on 911. The 3 or 4 of the hijackers gone! https://t.co/cXqvc4vIIX
@rainshows tbh every flight ive been on ive always had a stress zit on my face :/ good luck ellie! Im excited for u !!
20 years back,I studied clouds and the shadows they cast upon the earth.Every flight I take-I see my past in the clouds outside the window
My mom asks me to give her every flight number of every flight I work just in case I die she is the first to find out.......................
Dayum, he hit just about every one there was. Does he do that every flight? Exhausting! https://t.co/Db2NHaSreX
@kateordie we have flown 3 times and our daughter is 7 months. She's been just fine every flight.
@MolsonIsMyDog every flight has a pre-planned alternate airport. They would divert. Just like these... https://t.co/GETlBlPOP0
Direct sales is making a comeback. Every flight I've been on I've heard people trying to sell their product (makeup) to others. WHY.
@AmericanAir every flight to IND from ORD cancelled tonight. Insane number of gate changes I’ve had to make. Might be stuck in ORD tonight
@LeadToday That's what they tell you before every flight.
My beats are wireless. I take them on every flight. https://t.co/uJHXiOhene
Not surprised. I flew AirAsia ~4x while in Asia & wondered if I'd even make it out alive during every flight https://t.co/2iA8EmJ7YT
@Corduroyalist @DanielVavra a fact well known by every flight sim developer. :'(
📷 rubyredwisp: House Stark Meme ★ [1/8] Quotes Every flight begins with a fall, the crow said. There... https://t.co/1rdDWpdgH3
@Delta Every flight has had a problem lately. Considering switching very seriously.
@Delta - do you REALLY know we can choose any airline, like you say on every flight?
@jm I do that every night (listen+charge my phone going to sleep) and every flight. The drive removal didn't disregard common use cases.
Clever health reminders on every flight of stairs. @ Chase Brexton Health Care https://t.co/z8FwTxs1dC
RT @alinaselyukh: I look forward to people frantically searching for dropped AirPods under all airplane seats on every flight.