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RT @DETsports__: Remember people said Stafford can’t beat teams that are above .500? Well every team we’ve beat this season has a record above .500 👀
RT @TyrosBasran: I kiss every single body part she got I'm still a....G! Narsayee that tune was Evyy.
RT @Pretty_Things10: I woke up on this Saturday morning demanding cock!! He asked “Where you want me to put it?” I told him “Every damn… https://t.co/Abbp7EQ3N7
RT @tiaramvrie: I almost hate how observant I am. I notice every lil thing, so I notice the lack of as well.
RT @musa_gwebani: Lomthandazo wamanxila cuts so deep. That’s all my great grandmother ever prayed for. That’s all she ever asked, tha… https://t.co/SV6tEdD4cL
RT @perlmutations: Hey! You asleep? Wake up. Turn on your tv. See that? Every republican running for office is saying they will protec… https://t.co/2SItU7Rv0E
RT @Nomads_rantings: You My home Your syncopated rhythms Beating in me Those intense gaze Embracing me every inch My thronging frame Yea… https://t.co/8IOdP38nvB
RT @TheRealBuzz: I firmly believe that every morning when you wake, you must say - "It's going to be a good day!"… https://t.co/3ZpvEPfBpY
RT @Andrew_Adonis: Farage told me on LBC that Cameron’s document sent to every voter before the 2016 referendum said ‘leave’ meant lea… https://t.co/Nnb7RC2b4f
RT @namjoon_file: you worked so hard and touched so many, as you do best. we find more pride in your light, more truth in our love, w… https://t.co/dxMe3oMiSL
RT @nicoleperezc27: going to a russ concert would literally solve every problem i have https://t.co/U348GJIHOD
@StephyMeep Nah you just nake conclusions about every thing lol
RT @IBJIYONGI: Every single person who was like “but trans women are different from real women” contributed to what is happening t… https://t.co/utBGJH03wV
RT @bxllaneira: s/o to me cause i really be going through it and i pick myself up every damn time
16 pumpkins that will scare the living daylights out of every millennial https://t.co/mGsasYVP5W https://t.co/oh3iZmKGaD
@MrDeltaHotel @theresa_may @Conservatives Yeah, looking more and more like Indian politics with every passing day!
@DailyNorseman Always hurt. Every player on the Vikings gets hurt. It's kinda pathetic
Every little thing hurt my feelings 😩😂 I’m toooooo sensitive
RT @dodo: Noodles had one week to live — but miracles happen every day 💖 https://t.co/40pAH34Htb
RT @Kaystormer: @ddale8 This from the guy hiring a hundred foreign guest workers at Maralago every year. Right wing on that? *crickets*
RT @blvcktreacle: shrek with a pussy would be breathtaking. It would be so green and hed make sure to wax every once in a while and h… https://t.co/zvhI51yZoz
RT @Ebony_QT: I will never enforce perfect attendance with my children. I was never a fan of the idea. Sometimes kids need a brea… https://t.co/EfxOqIGZ5i
@unloveablesteve Every time I use Ryanair, I wish I had time travel so that I could go back in time and find an alternative