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RT @Hawluchamp: Every legend comes to an end eventually. This cabinet has been in this theater since I’ve been alive rest in para… https://t.co/jNC6LeMk0b
RT @TrisResists: Feel good story for the day... ‘A pelican befriended a stray dog who was often spotted hanging out alone along the… https://t.co/abVwhjfhno
RT @YH_PrePrep: A big well done to 2W #YorkHouseY2 for presenting a wonderful assembly this morning to their parents on the… https://t.co/G3fcJBLZOT
RT @Evan3Longoria: We are less then a month from the start of spring and once again some of our games biggest starts remain unsigned.… https://t.co/eI9OnrOHsc
@kangderriere every time i see this sobrang i have feelings hahahahahahahahahha tangina adolescent needs
RT @MichelleObama: Thank you all so much for the birthday love—I love you all right back! Feeling so incredibly thankful for my South… https://t.co/wG7MD0dNm8
RT @ra__at: My bff of 8 years used to get mad at me if i didn’t text her every week or drop everything to hang out with her. Sh… https://t.co/oHibNDX0d7
RT @dwyerstrategy: 1/4 This has been an amazing reflex rally from the 20% 4Q/18 drop, just like every other one following a non-recess… https://t.co/vDw0qU5Sc1
RT @AmakaAnku: Buhari is on nat’l TV defending a governor who was caught on video taking cash bribes. Sad. A smarter response wl… https://t.co/x7x125qGq0
@DavidAFrench @mikiebarb I get your point, but I feel like adding the caveat “if false” to every news story (includ… https://t.co/PElNrPVX3J
RT @CiplaFoundation: Check out the energy & excitement of the Cipla #TMM2019 team in their marathon gear. Tomorrow they won't just run a… https://t.co/qkte8iZTPS
RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, instead of me waiting for an apology from the people that hurt me intentionally; help me to star… https://t.co/5dUO0McNKp
at rehearsal rn, every single POC in the room openly cried at this particularly moving scene and it was just... so powerful.
@CNCOmusic @PrinceRoyce @YouTube 💙Mr.CNCO💙 🎶Every time I hear this song I sing while I do not know...I love it is o… https://t.co/SsCQh9RCjY
RT @AmazingKisii: People who wear new clothes every day, think they have made it in life
Fakes come from every direction including Terrorism & Twitter itself. They can disguise themselves as Porn/Military… https://t.co/BKkFzc2C5N
RT @mashihosdad: @ManuBlinkVIP We’re protecting him only now, because only now has he been hated on by every salty fan that hasn’t s… https://t.co/MgQm06GQZU
RT @TatiyanaSports: Y’all not tired of Future making the same music every 6 months?
RT @PoppyGoodhead: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I loved every second of this book." The Complete Adventures of Amy https://t.co/rbD7PagLQd… https://t.co/JPsUMR8DUU
RT @OG_Samuel_jnr: Am sure most of you are happy now. It was obvious Asiwaju was frustrated and depressed, but every thing is a joke t… https://t.co/5NUXzv0HXG
RT @drackfel: Yet another suicide in a month. Asiwaju took his life after the rape accusations. These are what I think and have l… https://t.co/PvzUfFQSnj
RT @jessica4stein: @samstennis189 Zhang to Brad and Pam: Just call me Rose. Brad and Pam every time they see Wang: Hi Rose.
@TheYTForum @doozy_animation My name is Mika La’Tanya my channel is about my passion & journey becoming a Registere… https://t.co/py89XdqD4G