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RT @FormulaDrift: Every FD Driver should have an Entry Song to their Entry Drift. We also found out they can dance. Sort Of. See th… https://t.co/gtuAa7pVjK
Did you know that every Wednesday you can find #SpiraVeg at the @hscafarmmarket? From 3-7pm we're set up with sampl… https://t.co/eER22lJniK
If you would find happiness and joy, lose your life in some noble cause. A worthy purpose must be at the center of every worthy life.
RT @Nicole9volt: Y'all can argue #G128 MVPs.. but don't you dare leave out Sanada.. dude brought it every match and made it look eas… https://t.co/TVn0khssZ3
RT @Ultra_Suristic: Death, taxes and... Every single summer of every season Simeone whining about budgets regardless of when Atletico s… https://t.co/61lOjthota
@RBS_Reddit What a trip down memory lane. Goldhammer violated basically every rule of broadcasting ethics that day,… https://t.co/tc3HDY1MQ9
RT @stfuslutx: 5. ) just wanna say this makes me so uncomfortable every time https://t.co/qIyIOEbFh2
RT @Lyyssaaaa13: I just wrote on 50 pencils and it was worth every single second. I can’t WAIT to welcome my 3rd graders back on to… https://t.co/psBaoIgg28
RT @SethAbramson: Trump is systematically obstructing justice and tampering with witnesses—in public. No one stops him, He is destroy… https://t.co/IcwwA5qpFb
RT @OzKaterji: You & your friends who have a direct line of communication with the Labour leader's office are on my television scr… https://t.co/JCtBGmj8JR
RT @Haley__Parrish: I scared my mom every day for a month straight...here are the results https://t.co/swC4B2OUFv
@LydiaMulvey Every morning I’m like, “gee, I hope the strenuous act of sleeping hasn’t irretrievably fucked up my neck”
This is so relevant to #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli as conservatives at every level of government spew rhetoric to dece… https://t.co/i7kaWnt3Ri
RT @KamalaHarris: For 83 years, Social Security has prevented millions of our nation’s seniors from living in poverty. We should expa… https://t.co/2BkLZBQ4Sa
RT @rezaaslan: Two days after that, the Italian artist who painted this portrait of Ahed Tamimi was arrested and deported. This w… https://t.co/P1B43EGfJA
RT @Mikel_Jollett: There is no doubt in my mind that if a tape emerged in which Trump dropped the n-word, it would be quickly normaliz… https://t.co/azsqosjXYm
"#Java is an amazing piece of kit, and I’d still be grateful even if it didn’t come out every six months" -… https://t.co/RaPuVFQDmo
RT @TranslateRealDT: Imagine being so guilty of so many crimes that you wake up every Sunday morning and panic-tweet for an hour! https://t.co/6egRgmFBCD
RT @awakebtz: burn every sheet of paper bearing my address kim taehyung / min yoongi angst, fluff, falling in love, slow burn… https://t.co/GLEH6a1FEz
RT @CopelandNetwork: Say, out loud, “Father, in Jesus’ Name, I walk in perfect health. My body is getting stronger and stronger every da… https://t.co/INnMEizIbA
RT @SOFTMlNl: for every RT this gets, i won’t self harm for a day. if you rt this, i’ll put your @ in a jar & every time i feel l… https://t.co/RPDrFQA4v4
RT @MattWi77iams: @PeoplezPen I will take Diggs every time. It has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with QB situation.
@tomchaplin Can I ask a question, Tom? Why is it always up to your fans to defend you/your choices from trolls? If… https://t.co/9evORlAd9P
RT @lewis_goodall: Big turnout for Jeremy Corbyn event in Stoke. Over 400 activists. Every one we spoke to agreed: Corbyn is being sme… https://t.co/zeDb1yG6Jj