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Is it weird that I just looked up Turner & Hooch on @IMDb to find out what Hooch's name was and how long he lived? @tomhanks still love it.
Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle and Roll https://t.co/vVwqkSjLyE #wdzdfm.org #99.1WDZD #Monroe
RT @NatGeo: Historians are making new discoveries about Nat Turner and his rebels in an effort to reclaim his story https://t.co/XvWMgMWZMb
RT @PmPaulKeating: You want to stop 18yo's tanking for a cheque? You want to stop corruption in sport? Limit betting to horses.
@tommmjennings I can't see Pearson getting a job that he's good enough for in a while. He'll end up at someone crap sadly.
RT @_henriqs_: alex turner com barba eu estou ovulando
@DazMoody @ian_gow @PTAlanSwann gave me 7/10 for Chris Turner's chairman's XI once. Sadly I didn't cut it out and keep it.
They told Yeshua that this woman was found in adultery, He stooped down and began to write in the dirt. Then he... https://t.co/szDofuiCds
RT @cal_thornhill: when ur underage in wetherspoons & see the bouncer coming https://t.co/SSZrNR2glr
@MoneySavingExp Why are 1950s women being denied the minimum 10 years notice of changes to SPA as recommended by th… https://t.co/i1jzPHKeyO
timmy timmy timmy turner
James burned again, and Turner too. Our O line was BAD at pass protection for a good part of this game. https://t.co/zlHEOu4iRg
RT @Piclogy: A llama’s-eye view of the legendary Inca settlement at Machu Picchu | Photography by ©Jim Turner https://t.co/Nak1ocdBt4
Peter Turner Masterclass Psy Card Force Review: https://t.co/JpNI4HdN9g via @YouTube
RT @brumpic: A model showing the vision for Birmingham's Civic Centre (© Turner) https://t.co/5spr1u3BUr
RT @OleMissRebels: Looking for a job this spring? @OleMissCR is hosting a job fair on Thursday afternoon from 4-6pm in the Turner Cent… https://t.co/RLAXmAYYPO
RT @onherperiod: Person: Who's your favorite basketball player? Me: Nathan Scott or Troy Bolton
RT @Cunneen92: Should he sign, Limerick have great depth in wide positions with Kenny, Ogbene, Turner and Clarke. Certainly helps after losing Greene.
alex turner com barba eu estou ovulando
RT @badpostsophie: NEW: sophie turner in las vegas today at a dnce performance https://t.co/ygYWl6s0Tk
Two Hot Lesbians Liking And Toying Both Holes https://t.co/1PdoRtJaHi
RT @Funny_n_Serious: A llama’s-eye view of the legendary Inca settlement at Machu Picchu | Photography by ©Jim Turner https://t.co/KXUiN1qwPm
Alex Turner Submarine Full Album https://t.co/m1rolAJpsr iyi geceler
Girl Battling Turner Syndrome Doesn't Just Look Like Princess Merida - She's the Definition of Brave… https://t.co/ZonwOqE8kp