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RT @bustedcoverage: Ohio nursing home worker gives 100 year old a lap dance, coworker recorded it, guy didn't like it, she was arrested… https://t.co/PZRjSiI2Iy
RT @NewYorker: The radical argument of the New Oxford Shakespeare: https://t.co/Shqg9f8mdx https://t.co/sbfFg4Snqm
RT @SevenSummitsMgt: Don't miss the return of Villain: DeBlanks starring Kathleen Turner, @michaelurie and @missmorenab on 3/22 in NYC! https://t.co/kGvUIcDnGU
4 standing Frank Turner tickets for 13th May available. Unable to go now! Anyone interested?
RT @Adidas_JTC: New logo and new name. Gearing up for the 2017 John Turner Classic. Exciting things being worked on for the 20th anniversary of the event.
RT @astrolobia: lol ur not alex turner
@JoshEberley I don't know why they're looking to get okafor when they have thad and turner
RT @BHSPepSection: Tonight's starters for the bville panthers: Liford, Turner, Carton, Gray, Deaton. Led by head coach.... Tony Patter… https://t.co/XJwa0csWc9
RT @jonescountysb: We are very sorry to hear about the passing of Mr. Mike Turner. He was one of the best Bobcat fans there was and will truly be missed!
RT @GameOfThroneFR: Joyeux anniversaire à Sophie Turner qui fête aujourd'hui ses 21 ans 🎉 https://t.co/39ZY4r3OLl
RT @LFMmag: Here's 4 seconds of Alex Turner and Miles Kane loving a bit of Tame Impala. https://t.co/D7gB9BZqhn
RT @LordSnow: Happy 21st birthday, Sophie Turner. https://t.co/fnTpfjMcPM
Just ignore anything that these privileged fucks ever tell you and do it your way https://t.co/JOvj4qKGzv
@JoshEberley Indiana doesn't do this because if they want to get rid of pg13 they want real assets that will go with turner, not okafor
RT @Thrones_Memes: Happy 21st birthday to Sophie Turner. https://t.co/8I6W1vvTbN
RT @bubblestbh: Timmy Turner's dad was breaking gender roles before all y'all https://t.co/IonJhro3Q8
RT @BAFTALA: Happy Birthday Sophie Turner! @SophieT turns 21 today, so next time she comes to our #BAFTATea in LA she can have s… https://t.co/loQSaiNRYn