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Hola @SindicatoCDF Espero que tengan un gran comienzo de transmisión y gran trabajo en el campeonatos nacional 2019… https://t.co/pSP06knLdi
Joe Jonas Gets Cozy With Sophie Turner at Surprise Birthday Party https://t.co/1TqGRXHpZN via @enews
RT @DropTheMicTNT: Shooting a money gun is honestly the only way to enter any place from now on. 💸💸💸 Watch the latest full episode of… https://t.co/2c3szLzygO
RT @YaWhatHeSaid: @louise__turner @DianeMariePosts I'd say they are more worried about his political knowledge. They still know he ca… https://t.co/CUzB4iXdpE
RT @truTV: Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait. https://t.co/7123go2dB8
RT @TommyBeer: Blocked shots per-36 minutes in 2019: Mitchell Robinson: 5.1 blocks per-36 minutes Myles Turner: 3.1 blocks/36 Bro… https://t.co/LHx0QNeE3p
RT @MeganA_Jones: The Kendall County Fire dispatch says Aurora police is requesting as many ambulances as possible for an active shooter with many injuries.
Cont: Fortunately William Turner’s sister, Molly, arranged a fire brigade and saved the house. It’s first location… https://t.co/WsiEpeLkId
Tout roule pour Tina Turner https://t.co/y21bzPM0mJ
RT @jackgiddings3: Cover teachers trying to control a y11 science class https://t.co/xnpZJuJQ8Y
RT @artdielle: Con la morte del padre, Turner va incontro a un lungo periodo di depressione che porterà l’artista a isolarsi limit… https://t.co/jQE1UAgtWM
RT @artdielle: William Turner, nonostante già in vita fosse un artista conosciuto e rispettato, non aveva molti amici e preferiva… https://t.co/ZIs8TvQ9Zh
RT @cityofoxford: History lesson: Cedar Oaks, located at 601 Murray Street, has one of the most storied histories in Oxford. Built in… https://t.co/bPWhWcbr28
Awesome @JEcology succession issue and summary by @drcynthiacchang and Ben Turner. Check at @MycoBloom 's contribut… https://t.co/JOM1IOyiLv
RT @ashleycorinne1: Oh my god is @maisiehpeters wearing TIME TURNER EARRINGS in the Stay Young video???? I'm living for this.
Late Turner 14 "Fire at the Grand Storehouse of the Tower of London" Courtesy @Tate https://t.co/NaBAx27XlB
Aniversário do meu terceiro ator preferido que as vezes fica em primeiro mskskskkskk mds Callum Turner eu te amo de… https://t.co/WfW5f51kWA
‘The whistler’ by @JohnGrisham is is such a page turner I mean I’ve read almost all his book.. but this by far is my favorite. Thank you
RT @TommyBeer: NBA leaders in blocked shots in 2019 calendar year: 1. Mitchell Robinson: 2.7 blocks per game 2. Myles Turner: 2.5… https://t.co/iE6jXto2Q6
And there's me thinking I don't talk like I'm from Stoke aha https://t.co/PFR6BoDrbq https://t.co/KaRmC4zxMl
RT @gregkeown23: Nothing instigates jealousy more than a person who gets results
RT @More_Issues: Throwback to last season when Lamonte Turner broke the hearts of every Kentucky fan.🍊https://t.co/YwfJPSbA9r
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