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@alexmohajer @Bros4America Gah. If McGinty or Ross or Kander or Bayh or Feingold.... just argh!!!
@nwi_DanCarden @EMBeilman @indgop Says the party that ran John Gregg, Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton in 2016
@mattbentzinger @SenToddYoung @courierpress pretty bad to be worse than Bayh and he's barely gotten started
Bu kız neden çabalamayı bıraktı diye düşünürsen önceden yaptıklarımı bi hatırla isterim hadi bayh çabalamak sıktı😘
Taxpayer is not relevant. Can't be loyal to both jobs. Can't ride two horses with one ass. Dump Bayh before he dumps on you again.
Evan Bayh is one of those Swamp Dwellers, who moves from congress where he makes laws, to lobbyist where they buy laws. Taxpayer is--
Bayh is Bad Bayh is Bad Bayh is Bad Bayh is Bad Byah is Bad Byah is Bad Bayh is Bad Bayh is Bad Bayh is Bad Bayh is Bad
@SenEvanBayh protect taxpayers from double dealing congress. Bayh is one of those. His office is for hire, and taxpayers can't afford him
@SenEvanBayh Bayh's personal wealth has grown from 7.8 million in 2010, 2 estimates of 14-48 million. This is not a public servants salary
@SenEvanBayh of that #, 477 are former congressmen, 56%. Officials who move in and out of the lobby firms are called revolvers, Bayh is one
@Chemzes I think Ellison is much smarter for candidate recruitment. Fetterman and Grayson could've unseated GOP. No more Evan Bayh types
SCOTUS votes were big factor in '14 #INSEN. Don't think @SenDonnelly forgets these @NRA ads: https://t.co/K8FngbFxvk https://t.co/vDvKpDN7O9
Try not to think about how different the last few weeks could have been if Evan Bayh and Russ Feingold weren't such awful candidates.
@Chao9294 đó là biểu hiện của việc đau lòng quá nên p tự tìm cách giải thoát cho mình khỏi túng quẫn ý. Nhưng t thấy fan bayh bao dug lắm
Tôi không thể ngừng fangirling được làm sao bâyh=((((((
@DS1372 I really thought Gregg would win! And Bayh, but he took the blame for Obamacare
ayh misafir gelcekmiş bayh
@bayh_331 いついこう!4月にでも早速行く?🙄💕
Hapit mi magdungan ganina bayh
Requested rani akong dp bayh.
Atay murag dili kompleto akong test papers bayh busht
@bayh_331 ちょろいべ🙄🙄🙄www
@shiorin_xo2 ねえやばい愛が😂💗💗💗💗💗
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