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RT @PBBabscbn: Sa sariling kakayahan at tatag ng loob at pagiging palaban magagawa pa ding posible ang imposibleng bagay. -Maymay… https://t.co/GXPogtP59D
RT @PBBabscbn: I am deserving because there were many times for me to give up but I never did. -Edward #PBBTheTemptation https://t.co/R0EYdYYdX6
RT @MayWardOfficial: Itodo na natin ang pagboto!!! Walang mapapagod! BB MAYMAY to 2366 BB EDWARD to 2366 https://t.co/gnXMKutttP
Evaline - Download Festival - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW https://t.co/wSIurgFWbY ...
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RT @MadameAmorPower: Waaah!!!ano to?color coding?pati ung Bowl makaMAYWARD dn haha -pcto #MAYWARDMutualFeelings https://t.co/taIQ18EXJ1
RT @ENRIQUE_LICIOUS: Don't forget to vote for Maymay! Big Night na this weekend, laban! BB MAYMAY send it to 2366. Para sa Big Winner natin! ❤
RT @mysanctuary33: PBB Presents: The Newest Dancing Duo "Ikay and Beejay" #MAYWARDMutualFeelings https://t.co/pMp48IITIM
RT @LukeAnthony_14: MAYWARD 💕 #PBBTheTemptation Photos: ABSCBNpr BB MAYMAY to 2366 BB EDWARD to 2366 https://t.co/fxfBjLwUsJ
RT @mor1019: Ang mga kantang pasok sa ating #MORPinoyBiga10 ngayong araw, March 3, 2017. https://t.co/lEkuppEdja
RT @ABSCBNpr: Si Maymay ba ang gusto mong maging Big Winner? Text BB Maymay and send to 2366. https://t.co/mM7FUjxFHf
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RT @vickysal99: I won't go chasing after anybody who God has taken out of my life because I believe he did it for a reason.
RT @_PerezMelly: I just want someone who understands me and can put up with my shit
RT @TayBourne_: Trying so hard to care about my grades but omggggg I'm over it.
I want that direct deposit to kick in alreadyyy
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@BRandon1_g lol you don't work tomorrow?? I thought you did
@evaline_27 so i ain't your friend
All my friends work tomorrow why🙃