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A #Eurovision song from 2016: Nina Kraljic - Lighthouse (2016 Croatia)
A #Eurovision song from 2016: Francesca Michielin - No Degree of Separation (2016 Italy)
Loved Austria's 2012 Eurovision song. Those lyrics are quite something in translation though. #WokiMitDeimPopo
A #Eurovision song from 2016: Agnete - Icebreaker (2016 Norway)
Eurovision Song Contest. TOP 10: Most watched in 2016 1 место - @sergeylazarev - "You are the…
RT @MigalaBln: Meine Mutter merkt sich die Abkürzung Esc für "Escape" mit "Eurovision Song Contest", nun gut, jeder so wie er mag.
...and 12 points from Japan go to... SOUTH KOREA!!! 大変お待たせ致しました! ABU TV Song Festivalのランキング結果です
A #Eurovision song from 2016: Nicky Byrne - Sunlight (2016 Ireland)
La mayoría concuerda que "Apollo" (Timebelle) es la mejor canción de Switzerland para #Eurovision Song Contest 2017
Love On The Beach - nice to remember the video shoot together with my song Eurovision composer Philip Bloom...
@RT_Deutsch Bin ein bisschen stolz, einen Regime Change vor Ort mitverfolgt zu haben, der NICHT geklappt hat.
A #Eurovision song from 2016: Nika Kocharov And Young Georgian Lolitaz - Midnight Gold (2016 Georgia)
RT @girlwhowaits__: you: Sanremo me, an intellectual: Eurovision Song Contest
A #Eurovision song from 2016: Hovi Star - Made of Stars (2016 Israel)
RT @Eurovoix: 500,000 Euros is all it costs to represent #SanMarino at the #Eurovision Song Contest:
A #Eurovision song from 2016: Lighthouse X - Soldiers of Love (2016 Denmark)
I'm really excited to hear Slavko's song, something out of the box I hope, we've been missing big spectacles for a few years #Eurovision
A #Eurovision song from 2016: Douwe Bob - Slow Down (2016 Netherlands)
RT @EurovisionNI: @Anggun_Cipta places at number 30 with 'Face au vent' in Eurovision NI's Song of 2016 countdown.
A #Eurovision song from 2016: Barei - Say Yay! (2016 Spain)
RT @ESC_union: It's time for our Song of the Year! A Million likes for this song from our favourite Belgian #Eurovision artist!
„Petro Poroschenko: Ukraine: don't KILL stray dogs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!” - Jetzt unterschreiben!