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to com tanta saudade de postar vídeo, meu deus do céu resultado: já até comecei a editar os vlogs da eurotrip
this guy i met on my eurotrip is so nice like he's literally my best friend he even told me he'd pay for half of my top surgery get U A Man
eurotrip pls next year nk join x
Oslo is such a beautiful city! #Oslo #eurotrip
@joydonnasuarez ahahah probably next year nku ma eurotrip hahah and hope to come home on december
@Zerotype7 waaaaaa you're going eurotrip after your first 2yrs there?😭😭😭😭 Now I'm jealous. Hoping to have mine soon.
@joydonnasuarez oh yeah haha but i wont stay long though haha i have my eurotrip to prepare
Dolce far niente 💋 #venice #gondola #italy #travel #europe #love #beautiful#trip#sightseeing #tourist#eurotrip#memo…
michelle trachtenberg nude eurotrip
RT @Shuker9: Euro update: Dracula still can't stomach a lager, Korean John loves ciggys and the gaff nearly got burnt down. All the best. #EuroTrip