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RT @spectatorindex: VATICAN: Pope Francis warns against populism in the US and Europe and cites example of German populism bringing Hitler to power in 1930s
Russia set to move closer to decriminalize domestic violence
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WED99HEDW Whirlpool 7.3 cu. ft. HybridCare Duet Dryer with Heat Pump Technology - White
RT @WIRED: The NHTSA found that among Tesla cars, those with Autosteer technology crashed 40 percent less than those without
RT @jasonhartsoe: 'The Division' upgrade raises the stakes for veteran players #tech #technology
RT @Liberationtech: AI will kill jobs, leaving only the wealthy & unemployed. How will they stay wealthy if no one can buy their goods?
@yacoubamod ceux qui crèvent de froid en Europe et dorment dehors, il ne sont pas dépourvu de tout ?
There is no such thing as a neutral technology
RT @BubbleJobs: Interested in a developing technology that's changing recruitment? Our partner CiiVSoft can help you
RT @realfrance_fr: Le duo le plus prolifique d'Europe devrait effectuer son retour contre Osasuna. Rendez-vous le 10 septembre ! 💥
In Russia, giving one’s spouse a slap is nothing extraordinary for many people. This week, the Russian parliamen...
RT @AnVigneron: Succès du #SymposiumAFAI2017 du 19 01 Relever le défi SI de la transformation numérique en Europe avec S Bout…
RT @TGVIA: #TECH China sets up $14.6 billion internet investment fund: Xinhua #News #Technology #aws #startup
@Prem_S @dna I don't think women in the US, Canada and Europe appreciate what they have really...
It's time to sleep ! Pont de Gau, Camargue par EuropeTrotter via #photo #landscape #amazing
#tech #technology #news China sets up $14.6 billion internet investment fund: Xinhua
Антитрамповские "Женские марши" в Европе
RT @simonbolivar241: @realDonaldTrump @stevenmnuchin1 @SpeakerRyan and the strong dollar. I cannot export. Europe and Japan with negative rates purely to hold
Don't know much about Australia politics but do know you're in big trouble when cops lie about Musfuck terror attac…
RT @laurent_r1: Le numéro de mobile remplacera l'Iban bancaire en Europe en 2018 via @LaTribune
RT @CNN: A new museum has opened in Spain. It's 45 feet underwater.
Highest Scoring Defenders in Europe's Top 5 Leagues Since 2010/11. [br_uk]