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Key Apple Health Technology Executive Said to Depart Company
Europe’s Populists Target Landmark Victories in Italy, Austria 3 hours ago
نوكيا تؤكد أن هاتفها الجديد سيكون منافساً قوياً لكبرى الشركات
RT @farbodsaraf: Language of a strong manager: 1 I am proud of you. 2 I trust our team. 3 what do you think? 4 how can I help? 5 I was wrong, I am sorry.
RT @vintagebooks: 'reading a novel demands putting everything else aside' Jonathan Safran Foer on why technology is diminishing us.
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The Netherlands retains its 2nd rank globally and best in #Europe in enabling #trade across borders @wef.
Technology leadership = Winning a popularity context Whats your view on this?
RT @noah_anyname: If any sufficiently advanced technology is almost indistinguishable from magic then holograms are like ghosts.
RT @elayhad: What's it like at the forefront of #5G technology development? See what @SKtelecom is working on...…
#news #world Russia says it killed ISIS affilate leader: The leader of a North Caucasus…
RT @ReaInvestigator: IoT news - KPN trials new Internet of Things technology LTE-M #Internet of Things
RT @MisLondon_: Black leather business bag office calf leather by @MisLondon_ #spdc #londonisonit
RT @Thom_astro: We’ve been getting fantastic night passes over #Europe recently. It’s hard to go to bed when the view is like this…
RT @SofianeRaul: Vu le niveau actuel de tous les gros d'Europe. Avec Bale et Kroos, personne ne peut nous arrêter dans la conquête d'une nouvelle Ldc.
RT @den2114: Europe WHO? Trump's snub to Brussels as he names Britain but NOT the EU among key allies
WhatsApp to no longer be functional on older devices, heres the list
RT @justinbieber: Final Europe show in London tonight. It's been incredible. Thank you . #PurposeTour
RT @gran_tourismo: Italian Lakes grand hotels – Northern Italy's lavish lakeside sleeps #travel #Italy #Europe
RT @FranceNews24: "#Russie 👉Le #FSB dit avoir tué l'émir de l'EI dans le nord du Caucase." #EI #Daech 👉…
RT @AF_Provence: COMMUNIQUÉ: Action franco_italienne ce soir à #Marseille pour une Europe des nations contre l'UE. @CasaPoundItalia