@KeksTheFurry @estrelberlin @eurofurence @AwesomeFursuits Good point :D thanks again, luv it! 💖💖💖
RT @eurofurence: Thank you all for helping raise the incredible Eurofurence 22 Charity amount of 43045 EUR for the Painted Dogs!! :)…
@tigersclawswiss @estrelberlin @eurofurence @AwesomeFursuits would you may RT the original clip so your followers can enjoy it also? =3
RT @Zeekra_Furry: The stressful week is finally over soon! Happy #FursuitFriday everyone😁🐺 Happy Weekend!🍣 @AwesomeFursuits…
@fallenwolf_com @cheetah_spotty @eurofurence Aehm, no. Its rented and partly set up by a company that works with us since almost a decade.
RT @RafaGreenfur: Bwahahaha how cute can you be? LeTigre and Essex 💜💜💜 @ElectronicBird #EF22 #Eurofurence
@toddlergurl *pounces and gives big hugs* I decided i wanna do Eurofurence next year and FWA. Lot of furs I wanna meet like you.^^
@Dhary_Montecore @cheetah_spotty @eurofurence well, thats done by a professional company that does nothing else. anyway, great stage team ;)
RT @KeksTheFurry: Probably the cutest way to start a video (and yep, also one of my favs @eurofurence): @Ramawson
RT @Tailfluffwuff: If anyone has any pictures of me from #EF22 #Eurofurence I'd love to see them <3 Photo: @Spykiepie
@GreekYoshi @NexusFolf @eurofurence pffffttttttt I'll tie you up with your tounge and snuggle you to pieces <3
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