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Jim O'Rourke『Eureka』を聴いてます。名盤すぎる。。。
kinda got like this eureka moment that gajah in hangul is 가자. idk much korean, but that means sth like "let's go" isnt it?
Miss Kimora, Farrah, peppermint, Alexis Michelle, eureka, and Jaymes can go.
@junon28_mrs eureka聞き直してた(´・_・`)笑 タイムフリーで聞けんかな〜
@p388cell そこへ別のお客さんからの催促のメールが。
@eureka_m 孵りましょう...orz
Eureka! I've devised a solution. #Heimerdinger
RT @QuoVadisKorea: 나는 유승민을 발견했다 ! Eureka ! Eureka !
10MBのファイルダウンロードするのにExplorerがおちて再起動、15分くらいかかってる もうだめだ。
"Sadoway ...had a "eureka" moment — build batteries out of liquid metals." (via @WBUR)
Eureka, George! I'm a sweet editor, not a trendy media artist.
Eureka Seven - Storywriter [Extended Version] @YouTubeさんから
これはあかんな もういやだ
Busy morning at Eureka HQ getting ready for our clients launch event! Site visit 🤗🤗 #eventprofs #EventPlanner
RT @docrocktex26: Trump is using that same covert repackaging of the pre-2016 GOP and starting a dumpster fire with it. And the bigots STILL love it. Eureka.
@eureka_saven ليش ايشبكي الكلام واضحي
Eureka,CA-WXEKA: 06:00; NO CURRENT ADVISORIES; Temp 47.3; RH 96pct; Baro 30.168in-Rising slowly;
@TahliaRene94 ok but can we talk about how annoying eureka is? Girlfriend is too young to be so bitter