Tweets about a recent trend: ESPYs

I could listen to this call every day... Probably twice.. Is there an @ESPYS for "Call of the Year"? @JohnMossTV
@SportsCenter Like John Cena said. The ESPYS are for winners
@JoeBiden Love you Joe! Watched u on Standup2Cancer and Espys! I have a rare cancer Joe and need help! Plz see my story @thekat36.
RT @WhiteHouse: "It's up to all of us to build a country that's worthy of Zaevion's promise." —@POTUS on Zaevion Dobson #ESPYS
they wanna know my recipe, they know i ball like the niggas at the espys
RT @larryislegend: Forever RT @theSTASHED: We can never forget the OG. Jamie Foxx - Can I Be Your Tennis Ball #ESPYS
@Dorleyboy24 that's true, but with everything he's said over the summer and the espys, I think he'll do something.
@AmbassadorBleu @GavinStodd Melo, LeBron, CP3, and DWade started the ESPYS giving a speech on how there needs to be change. Etc.
@AmbassadorBleu @GavinStodd It just doesn't seem like something he would do. He did his part at the ESPYS
RT @Chance_Direct: .@chancetherapper prepping w/ @StephenCurry30 for his special tribute to the great Muhammad Ali. #ESPYS 💯
@ipeneIope 4 guys at the ESPYS asked other athletes to use their platform more for these things. We applauded it. Until they actually did it
RT @NCAAsoftball: Tiffany Howard's EPIC robbery for Auburn is up for the #ESPYS Best Play! Vote here:
Blake vs Drake Opening Skit For The 2014 ESPYs Awards Feat Chris Brown
@DurrantMark and they would've been the first state to receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the @ESPYS.
@MikeAndMike @espngolic just a thought #ESPYS nomination @BlueAngels comeback of the year
@DP454 not necessarily true at all. He said it with three other superstars beside him and at the ESPYS with thousands of ppl watching..
Lol the best them guys in the Nba had was that fluff ass speech at the Espys
Remember when lebron, wade and someone else give that speech at the ESPYS? That's like the seahawks "unity" crap
@matt_barone that's what sells & fits their nonsense narrative. He's gonna be the next recipient of the ESPYS Arthur Asche Courage Award