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RT @valeeriaaaa_: 16 to 21💞 our parents used to drive us to see each other & now we own our house & we are happily married 🙏🏻
RT @proxactears: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| sad? lay in bed. bored? lay in bed. happy? lay in bed. tired? lay in bed. got 10…
RT @quenblackwell: WHO GAVE ME A DRIVERS LICENSE????
@Yosoy_Esme supongo que es porque febrero tiene menos días, bais.😝
@doniamilf Estas igual de diosaa y de milf 🤤
Hasta me dan ganas de bajar temprano y no esperarme como siempre a que ya sea tarde😂
@Esme_TorresP Jajaja ay amiga me haces sentir mejor💕 también me agüito a veces ntp😒
Estoy emocionada porque de cenar hay pozole.
RT @IamJovonW: You can’t take the Grammy seriously after Macklemore won best rap album over Good Kid Maad City
RT @mistachrish: Some people’s veneers are so intense and white that it scares me.
@2relaxeddd And about this post specifically no matter where I stand I feel like the person who tweeted this should…
@2relaxeddd I don’t think she’s done anything seriously bad but like someone explained to me what she’s doing deser…
RT @AlyssaGarver: Some of y’all are so bothered by people trying to do something for themselves not my fault you ain’t got nothing going on for yourself
@esme_rocksz 🤦🏾‍♀️😂
RT @SahSuman7: @alokdubey1408 @champ4561 @jack @Twitter @TwitterSupport Esme bui ghotala huwa Hoga ye to khandani aadat hai @priyankagandhi
@Flaloqui No seas mala Esme, está resfriada pobre
@odd_esme what’d she do?
Tá acontecendo tanta tragédia que tô com medo dessa noite, porque vai dar um temporal
RT @isabelIefacts: who is the bigger lgbt artist? RT for isabelle like for ariana grande
RT @Bryan_hmm: You can’t blame parents for trying to give their daughter the world and more, if they have the means
RT @araceeliiii_: when you first meet me I’m lowkey awkward and ill barely talk but get to know me and I won’t stfu 😂