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RT @g_vanille: Yo en un restaurante: Mesero, trayendo la comida: ¡Buen provecho! Yo: Igualmente 😀. #FAIL
Φυλλάδιο σουπερμάρκετ, χαχαχα! #fail https://t.co/SRBI25NNOW
Nonetheless, it's still epic fail! As the leader of them all is a dumb, numb, saber-rattling, hot-headed authoritar… https://t.co/DIOaLTTion
Me cai 2 veces en un pozo con lo cual me hice mierda yo y encima me quedaron todas las piernas negras #fail
Видео "BEST FUNNY VIDEOS || FAILS MARCH || EPIC FAIL Compilation 2017 part 18" (https://t.co/s708UZuK3F) на @YouTube
BEST FUNNY VIDEOS || FAILS MARCH || EPIC FAIL Compilation 2017 part 18: https://t.co/s708UZuK3F via @YouTube
Ain't that great? You fail miserably at the first hurdle you face as President & your answer is "the cat ate my hom… https://t.co/NnWDnaAIIW
Ang epic fail 👊😂
RT @la_alfaia: Entonces, @el_pais -Promociona libros de poesía #Bien -Selecciona 30 poetas #Bien -De ellos, sólo 4mujeres #Fail… https://t.co/GBoi4oijDQ
RT @tgoodmanh: Yoinks! Epic fail! Bad Donald. Sad! https://t.co/9Tmud4fk70
After 8 yrs of marriage; wife finally puts the roll on holder; I cheer on the outside but cry on the inside... You… https://t.co/GLYHz3OZhw
stupíd cína meccaníc faíl https://t.co/DLUdZNmPMh FUNNY - STUPID #cina #fail #meccanic FREE ADS
Here we go, another lie. Thankfully, another #fail. https://t.co/iT6fwlCFoO
Wanna do it yourself? Make sure you do your homework first! #fail #diy #measure #wtf #skillz https://t.co/gBEfywC07a
@OmniDestiny @YouTube "the irish were alwats considered white europeans" "did destiny just call the Japanese racist?" #fail
@Olacabs I booked ola at INR 118 & now when got Into the cab it shows INR 187. Driver has no clue about it. #fail