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Fail Better, Fail Faster, and win bigger ~Tim Ferris #fail #fail #win #4hourworkweekhttps://t.co/8G0iQpoB62
@SkateTSN You have 5 channels. Surely you could have negotiated 8 years ago to broadcast this event. You bid for th… https://t.co/FBs0bzaWb8
Transport Minister apologises for misleading Premier over land sale https://t.co/ow9fIj9Fr9 How can we trust… https://t.co/w1GsQlvcfV
Pésimo servicio @dominosmx no ha llegado la pizza... y además directamente me dijeron que para futuras ocasiones va… https://t.co/2CL3cALuPc
Como lo del cine con Doña Lupita fue un epic fail, me vine un rato a caminar por Las Musas. Y es muy interesante có… https://t.co/zBPNZdJARq
RT @Antonio_Serna: ¿Es neta? Qué pinche hueva me dan comprando sus tendencias... #Fail https://t.co/3biOtOzugk
Lo siento pero los niños menores de 5 años no deberían ir a ver las nuevas películas de #StarWars no importa que ahora sea Disney #Fail
@VarnamKelly @NashKeri @piersmorgan The royals wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire and are the definition of t… https://t.co/Ajeh4mQXVW
Gick på erbjudande om 2 pocketböcker för 79:- men tvekade, idag låg de fortfarande kvar i kundkorgen ihop med andra… https://t.co/oHScYT4aZK
@MARCANDERSONNWO it's not treason https://t.co/zPMjNneM2C's fraud. so epic fail again.besides all mueller will ever… https://t.co/sEreBf3qrC
@Chiefer917 @RoadToSix See you are trying to find new narrative which was epic fail, your team has been irrelevant… https://t.co/XIqgZ6xTAi
RT @DrDenaGrayson: ⁉️WHAT⁉️ #Russia🇷🇺even cheats *in curling*‼️🤬 #Fail https://t.co/9063v7f9qs
Naalala ko nung nagpakuha ako ng dugo para ma-exempt ako sa exam. Masyadong epic fail yung nangyati kasi nahimatay ako nakakahiya ka zy 😒😒
RT @TannersDad: #FluShot #Fail Think 20% efficacy means 1in5 Safe? It is relative risk reduction vs true risk reduction, which mean… https://t.co/vOwIDql1tX
Wedding guests gasp at 'Dirty Dancing’ epic Fail https://t.co/IIKIoh9EmH
RT @DrDenaGrayson: ⁉️WHAT⁉️ #Russia🇷🇺even cheats *in curling*‼️🤬 #Fail https://t.co/9063v7f9qs