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Green group decries Safari Club $60k donation to B.C. guide-outfitters | Vancouver Sun https://t.co/SnHTJ87Oax
RT @neiltyson: The fastest way to thwart Earth's life-support systems for us all: Turn EPA into EDA — the Environmental Destruction Agency.
Jaden.. King of environmental Consciousness and Noise Marketing https://t.co/5rfdYl3fwq
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Part 2: Exposé Shows Environmental Activist Berta Cáceres Topped Kill List of
RT @currentprotocol: Detect Water Contaminants Using @Agilent 6470 LC/TQ-Webinar - https://t.co/aP8FkUcHne #worldwaterday https://t.co/MmZwOIRjXN
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RT @MarkSteynOnline: "By environmental protection, it means if it rains 3 days & there's a puddle...it's considered a wetlands"-@MarkSteynOnline on @am640oakley
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RT @RQSSouthHigh: Eileen Slinker- silver Chapter Service Project Portfolio Erin Thomas- gold Entrepreneurship Maia Lewis- gold in Environmental Ambassador
RT @AU_Recycles: No Impact Week March 26-April 2 / students, faculty & staff invited to conserve & reduce their environmental impacts https://t.co/VS1jjujRlm
@ClimateGroup Environmental responsibility is not just about energy reduction. Need to grasp LEDs have serious issues re. environment/health
RT @ffaprov: paint potting social tomorrow with environmental club!! there will be fruits 🌱🍉🍐all supplies are provided :)
RT @burntkiss: 9. you'll be inclined to educate yourself more on health, ethical, and environmental issues
Stefan Preuss presents on the opportunities and obligations for pub and pvt sector leaders to consider environmenta… https://t.co/rPypola4A8
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RT @StopHeathrowExp: "The legal, social, environmental and political barriers to Runway 3 are so great it won't go ahead" @RuthCadbury https://t.co/FylaGZ5uUa
Chief of Naval Operations Recognizes Yokosuka, Atsugi Environmental Programs https://t.co/zXbYbE3njQ
WATCH: GOP congressman mansplains to an environmental activist testifying before his… https://t.co/F3XmJtcq3n
RT @cacindiana: "#SB309 is anti-free enterprise, anti-free market, anti-consumer, anti-environmental...should be rejected." #inlegis https://t.co/XcmsZVsI9S
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